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Where To Find Obsidian Frox In Zelda TOTK (Location)

Here are the map location and coordinates for the Obsidian Frox in Legend of Zelda TOTK.

Obsidian Frox is one of the many enemies in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom that are easier to find when you have their location instead of randomly stumbling upon them. You find them in the Depths and they are a good source to farm Zonaite or its monster parts. So below are its coordinates, how to defeat it, and its drops.

Obsidian Frox Location in Zelda TOTK

Zelda TOTK Obsidian Frox Map Location Coordinates and Drops
Image Credit: Zelda Dungeon Interactive Map

You can find the Obsidian Frox in the Depths, particularly below the Akkala region. There are at least two that we know the location of. Here is where you can find them:

  • Obsidian Frox 1: 4028, 2188, -0469
    1. Fast Travel to the Akinatanis Lightroot. It is below the Akkala Highlands Depths.
    2. Go southeast from here and reach the above coordinates.
      • Alternatively, you can also fast-travel to the Sinatanika Shrine and go southwest from here then jump into the East Akkala Plains Chasm. This will directly bring you next to the Obsidian Frox’s location.
  • Obsidian Frox 2: 4142, 1002, -0685
    • Unlike the previous one, to get to this Obsidian Frox there is no Chasm you can dive into
      1. Fast travel to the Kawikatisar Lightroot.
      2. Start heading directly south.
      3. Once you reach its location you should spot the giant frog-like creature.

How to Defeat Obsidian Frox

You should carry a good bow plenty of Arrows, Bomb Flowers, and Dazzlefruit for this fight.

  1. Stun the Obsidian Frox by shooting it in its eye with an arrow fused with a Dazzlefruit.
  2. Next, shoot bomb arrows at the ore deposits on its back.
  3. Repeat these steps until you defeat it.

Obsidian Frox Drops in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

  • Frox Fingernail
  • Frox Guts
  • Large Zonaite
  • Light Crystallized Charge
  • Obsidian Frox Fang
  • Zonaite

With that, you now have the location of the Obsidian Frox in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. You should also check out our other guides on how to do the Duplication Glitch, beat Sludge Like, and upgrade armor.