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Starfield NoClip Command (& Controls)

Are you still figuring out the NoClip Command in Starfield? Here's everything you should know about this cheat.

In Starfield, the NoClip cheat allows you to fly through walls and objects. Apart from all other Cheats & Console Commands, this one can benefit you by disabling collision. However, there are a few things that you should know before entering the cheat for NoClip. In this guide, you will learn how to enter and use this cheat.

No Clip Command in Starfield

To enable NoClip in Starfield, you need to use the ‘tcl’ Command in the Console Menu. Here’s how you can open up the Console and enter the cheat:

  • Press the Tilde (~) key to open up the Console.
  • After that, write the ‘tcl’ command and hit enter.

Starfield NoClip Command: tcl

  • Now, a message saying Collision -> Off should pop up.
  • You have now successfully enabled the NoClip cheat.

Once this cheat is on, you won’t be able to Jump or Crouch anymore. Anyways, check out below to know how to control your movement while NoClip is enabled in Starfield.

NoClip Command Controls

You can use the normal movement keys to move your character. To move upwards or downwards, you need to look up or down using your Mouse or right thumb stick. Keep in mind that going extremely upwards or downwards while NoClip Command is enabled will take you off the map.

Starfield NoClip Movement

Starfield NoClip Command FAQs

Does TCL Command Disable Achievements?

Yes, like most other Commands, the tcl command will disable the Achievements for your playthrough.

Starfield TCL Not Working

If the tcl command is not working, then simply reload your game using the last save file. This should fix the issue.

How to Disable NoClip?

To toggle off the NoClip, you can enter the ‘tcl’ command again in the Console. Disabling it will pop a message saying Collision -> On.

That’s all there is to know about the NoClip Command in Starfield. Besides this, do you know about All Solar Systems in this game? To get answers to this and several other questions, you can check out our dedicated section for Starfield Guides right here at Gamer Tweak.