Nintendo Switch Pro Is “Entering Production and Assembly This Month”, Insider Says

According to recent reports, production of the new Nintendo Switch Pro model is slated to start this month. At least that’s what the insider Emily Rogers aka ArcadeGirl64 reports.

Nintendo Switch Pro entering production this month?

In the past few months, there has been a persistent rumor that the Kyoto house is working on a kind of Nintendo Switch Pro model that will, among other things, support 4K resolution. Most recently, it was said that Nintendo should use yesterday, Thursday, to officially reveal the new console.

As we now know, the reports, unfortunately, turned out to be false. Despite everything, the announcement of the new Switch Pro model could be getting closer and closer. At least that is what the statements of industry insider Emily Rogers alias ArcadeGirl64 suggest.

In a recent tweet, Emily Rogers said: “I doubt it, but the timing of the announcement isn’t really important. I think people are obsessing over that because everyone’s in E3 hype mode right now. The more important news is that it’s entering production and assembly this month. That’s the only news that matters.”

She did not reveal where she would have got her information from. In general, we would like to point out at this point that the information provided by Emily Rogers should be taken with the necessary caution, as the insider has been wrong with her information in the past.

According to the previously unconfirmed reports, the 399 Eur Nintendo Switch Pro model offers a seven-inch OLED screen, 4K support in docked mode, and a few exclusive titles that will make use of the technical possibilities of the more powerful Switch.

If the current rumors are true, the Switch Pro will appear in Japan and the USA this year, while European players will have to wait until 2022.