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Back 4 Blood Nightmare Difficulty Tips & Tricks

This guide will help Back 4 Blood players trace a route to strategize their play on Nightmare Difficulty.

Back 4 Blood has 3 varying levels of difficulty through Recruit Veteran and Nightmare which have their own mechanics of increasing challenges and creating tough situations in game for which a few tips and tricks come in handy. In this guide, we’ll point out everything you can do to ensure that you get the most out of your experience. Here are some tips and tricks you can use on Nightmare Difficulty in Back 4 Blood.

Back 4 Blood Nightmare Difficulty Tips and Tricks

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The most important tip to keep in mind is to ensure that your team is well-coordinated and that you’re approaching each level while being on the same page when playing Back 4 Blood on Nightmare difficulty. To add this, here are a few more tips and tricks you can use when playing B4B on Nightmare.

Play Recruit and Veteran First to Understand the Game


In order to best prepare for Nightmare in Back 4 Blood, it’s crucial that you understand the game. You can understand and develop an intuition as well by playing Recruit and Veteran difficulties. These will prepare you to explore zones in each chapter, understand Ridden spawns, and more. Moreover, you’ll also be able to hatch a few personal tricks that you yourself will come to develop as you play these easier modes before diving into Nightmare.

Coordinate With Your Teammates Using Comms


It’s important that you develop a good sense of coordination with your teammates early on. Try to ensure all are players because Bots are simply unreliable and while they can be an asset, they can also be the ones that compromise your streak.

Selecting the Right Cards and Deck

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Each cleaner has their own strengths and weaknesses that cards can upgrade or negate. Ensure that you understand what each card in your deck does and how it impacts not only your cleaner but also your team. We’ve crafted a list of the best 15 cards in Back 4 Blood, check these out and see if they play according to your strengths. Moreover, it’s crucial that you earn and unlock more B4B cards as well. The more you unlock, the better chance you have at building a stronger deck.

Maintain Pace Balance in Back 4 Blood

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Patience is a virtue and that stands true in Nightmare while playing Back 4 Blood. It’s tempting to be in a rush when you’ve just cleared out a horde and are high on adrenaline. While this can be a huge error on your part, it’s important that your team understands this too. Moreover, lurking around and camping are meant for active FPS games and not Back 4 Blood. You’ll get loads of speed and movement boosts and will still need to hold out and pause. You may be required to push and sprint while the position is compromised. These strategies need to be at the back of your mind and ready to deploy at command.

Using Guns and Explosives

guns and explosives

You’ll need to devise your tactics according to your available ammo, upgrades, attachments, and explosives in Back 4 Blood on Nightmare. This is really an important segment where each resource needs to be treated as scarce. Certain Ridden need to be shot down from distance like special mutations since their damage dealt is way too high. It’s a good idea to use explosives on the more tricky and pacy enemies. Similarly, you can knock out groggy ones using your bash and/or melees.

It all depends here on how you approach the game’s difficulty and quite honestly this is unique to each player. Also, a huge and absolutely pivotal thing to keep in mind here is to use your most effective attachment. Back 4 Blood doesn’t assign the luxury of swapping out attachments neither dropping them. While you can’t drop attachments, you can however drop Ammo in Back 4 Blood.

Back 4 Blood Loot in Nightmare Difficulty

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No you won’t get any extra special aka exclusive Loot for playing on Nightmare in Back 4 Blood. However, it’s important that you go around collecting all the loot you can find. At the same time, remember that this loot is to be shared with your teammates. If you’ve got someone like a Glass Cannon Jim build, make it your priority to get them to maximize damage while covering for them. While getting kills and setting zones clear your route will scatter a ton of loot around the area. And if it’s copper, just blindly stock up and use it for Trauma.

Alarms and Traps in B4B

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One of the most effective tricks in Back 4 Blood that you can use is that of getting ridden to break alarms. You can do this by firing at walls, doorways, the ceiling, or any place you suspect hordes to be at. What this does is, it gives the ridden sense of you being nearby and gets them to break down the doors and subsequently expose alarms and traps nearby. Moreover, you save a Tool Kit.

Optimize Your System

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You need to ensure your system is in perfect condition to avoid any unwanted lag, stuttering, and other annoying anomalies while you’re busy taking on waves of the undead. To ensure your system runs ideally and to tune it to the best of its capabilities to run this game, check out this guide that helps you prevent Lag, Stuttering and Fps drops in Back 4 Blood.

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