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Which Are The Best Cards in Back 4 Blood?

In this guide, we'll walk through the best cards you can use in Back 4 Blood.

The Best Card Decks in Back 4 Blood are what determine outcomes of most rounds. It’s pivotal to choose a cleaner whom you really curate the perfect-ish build for. In this guide, we’ll try to narrow down the selection and highlight the best 15 cards you can use in Back 4 Blood.


Best Cards Deck in Back 4 Blood?

best cards

The best card in Back 4 Blood is Second Chance since it can be used at any time, by any cleaner in any situation and not only does it heal you, but also grants you an extra life. Furthermore, we’ve assembled 15 cards which we reckon are truly the best in Back 4 Blood. We wish to iterate however that while these are the best cards, stacking them in one deck won’t necessarily be useful. Each cleaner needs a deck that plays to his/her strengths as well as weaknesses. It’s therefore important to be vigilant not only while facing the Ridden but also while strategizing. Here are the best 15 cards deck in Back 4 Blood. We strongly recommend you refer to this guide to learn how to get more cards in B4B before you proceed.

List of All the Best Cards in Back 4 Blood

The table below lists all the best cards in Back 4 Blood.

Card Name Card Type Positive Effects Negative Effects
Broadside Brawn Precision Kills Add 20% Chance To Cause Ridden To Explode, a Ridden Explosion Will Deal 15 Damage To Nearby Ridden None
Cross Trainers Reflex Adds 20% Stamina, 20% Stamina Regen, 3% Movement Speed and 5 Health None
Marked For Death Discipline Highlights Mutations Pinged By You and Deals 10% Increased Damage To Them None
Ridden Slayer Reflex Adds 20% Weak Spot Damage None
Superior Cardio Reflex Adds 20% Stamina, 20% Sprint Efficiency and 5 Health None
Run and Gun Fortune Enables You To Shoot While Sprinting None
Second Chance Brawn Adds 1 Extra Life and 5 Health None
Smelling Salts Reflex Adds 50% Revive Speed None
Two is One and One is None Brawn Enables You To Equip A Primary Weapon In A Secondary Weapon Slot Decreases 25% Weapon Swap Speed
Combat Knife Discipline Your Bash Attack Turns Into A Knife aka A Melee Weapon None
HellFire Discipline Adds 50% Movement Speed While Firing With SMGs and Adds 10% Damage using SMGs None
Avenge the Fallen Discipline Adds 30% Damage, 20% Reload Speed and Unlimited Ammo for 10 Seconds If You Or A Teammate get Incapacitated None
Berserker Brawn Adds 10% Melee Damage, 10% Melee Speed, 5% Movement Speed for each Melee Kill in The Past 4 Seconds None
Pep In Your Step Reflex Adds 10% Movement Speed for Five Seconds On Precision Kills None
Reload Drills Reflex Adds 20% Reload Speed None

Adding 15 Best Cards To Your Back 4 Blood Deck

Here’s why you should use these cards in your deck to get the best out of your cleaner in Back 4 Blood


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Broadside works to add on to the hordes you constantly kill. The 20% chance doesn’t seem like much at first, however, remember you’re going through enormous waves of Ridden. Any extra damage they sustain not only benefits you, but also the team.

Cross Trainers

cross trainers best cards b4b


This card has probably the best boost attributes in Back 4 Blood and even adds 5 health. Furthermore there are zero negative effects to this. Use this card until you’re tired of winning.

Marked For Death

marked for death

Marked for Death is a card that requires active team coordination. It’s best if this card is utilized by cleaners with lesser Offense attributes.

Ridden Slayer

ridden slayer b4b cards

This card is more of a luxury than a really useful card. However, it does come in really handy especially when swarmed on all sides by Ridden.

Superior Cardio

superior cardio

This card is something that professional athletes wish they could use. Using this card in a deck with more speed boosts will make heading further through zones all the more easier.

Run and Gun

run and gun

Again, an absolute monster of a card for Glass Cannon builds. Not only does this card let you gain an edge while sprinting, but also lets you vacate a zone quicker.

Smelling Salts

smelling salts

It’s exactly as it sounds. Be nice to your team healer and they might just heal you quicker.



This card defines insanity. A jaw-dropping 45% movement speed boost while firing is probably the best one-line pitch one could ever come up with to get this card in their deck in a game like Back 4 Blood.

Avenge The Fallen

avenge the fallen

This card makes fallen teammates feel like spirit boosts. The moment a teammate gets incapacitated, this card transforms all remaining teammates into weapons of mass destruction. The unlimited ammo perk alone could inflict some severe damage onto enemies in the immediate vicinity.

Second Chance

second life back 4 blood best cardsss

Second Chance is straightforward and seems pretty simple. However, the reason we right at the beginning specifically said this was the best card was because of this very simplicity. It grants you an extra life, boosts part of your health, and has no negatives. Moreover, it is the most flexible card in Back 4 Blood.

Two Is One And One Is None

two is one

There is a strong reason why despite possessing a negative effect, this card stands among the very best in Back 4 Blood. The ability to carry two primary weapons adds an extra dimension to your game. Players that can navigate areas swiftly and are mindful of their weapon swaps can easily abuse the strengths this card provides.

Combat Knife

combat knife

Combat Knife literally transforms your arm into a more superior weapon, game-wise. This not only makes bash attacks more effective but also goes on to boost the attack by enabling melee cards to alter it’s effects.



If you adore getting Ridden blood on your hands with your Melees, we suspect this might be your favorite card in back 4 Blood. More damage, more speed, more motion. This card makes Melees so much more desirable to wield.

Pep In Your Step

pep in your step

Pep In Your Step awards you for being accurate. For Each precision shot, you move faster for 5 seconds. This is a pretty significant movement boost and really helps if you’re playing something like a Glass Cannon Jim Build.

Reload Drills

reload drills

Reload Drills is among the very few reload boost cards with zero negative effects. A 20% Reload speed without any terms or conditions is something we’d go for any day against the Ridden.

That’s pretty much all there is to the Best Cards in Back 4 Blood. We hope this guide was of assistance to you. If you wish to have the best experience in-game while using these cards, here’s a guide on how to maximize your FPS boost in Back 4 Blood.