Where To Find Royal Fish In Nier Replicant

Here's how to find and catch Royal Fish in Nier Replicant.

Are you searching for the Royal Fish location in Nier Replicant? And how do you get this fish and is there a special bait you need to have? If these are the questions on your mind, you are at the right place.  Fishing ends up being quite an integral part of this game, especially with the entire Fisherman’s Gambit questline. There are a few things that differ for each fish based. Some are tough to catch, while some are super easy. If you are not sure about how to catch the Royal Fish, take a look at what you need to do.

Nier Replicant Royal Fish Location and Bait

Nier Replicant Royal Fish Location and Bait

You can find Royal Fish in the Eastern road region so all you have to do is head to the Nier’s village and go east. You can also ride a boar to get to the location faster. The correct bait you will need for it is Earthworms because that will help you catch the fish easily. To get Earthworms, you can go to the Tackle shop present in Seafront. They are quite cheap so you won’t hurt your pocket at all.

Now, to catch the Fish, visit the Eastern Road region and you will see that there’s a river. Use the earthworm as a bait and cast your fishing line. You may not catch it on your first try so keep trying until you get this large fish. It will put up a fight so your goal is to lower its HP to zero. Doing this repeatedly will get you your desired quantity of Royal Fish in Nier Replicant. With that done, go back to the old man and you will get the next stage of the Fisherman’s Gambit Questline.

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