NieR Replicant: How To Get Blue Marlin Fish?

Let us help you fish the Blue Marlin in NieR Replicant

NieR Replicant features a side quest called The Fisherman’s Gambit which is unlocked after catching the Shaman Fish in the main story. At the Seafront location, an old fisherman will give you the task to get him 2 Blue Marlin on the 8th stage of this quest. Now, these fishes are the toughest catches and will require some prep up. We will help you through your journey on how to catch the Blue Marlin fish in Nier Replicant fast with this guide.

Where to Get the Blue Marlin Fish in NieR Replicant?

Blue Marlin Location

To catch the Blue Marlin, you first need to locate it in the game. The old fisherman who gave you the task is standing on the pier at the Seafront. Sly, because that is it, you’re already there! The pier at the Seafront Location of Nier Replicant is where you will get the Blue Marlin fish for your Fisherman’s Gambit quest.

How to Catch Blue Marlin?

Get a lot of Sardines as your bait to catch the Blue Marlin. We say a lot because you may not be able to catch the fish in the first go. This is because sharks love Sardines too and are found at the same location. So with that bait, you may end up catching a couple of sharks before you can catch Blue Marlin. You can either fish for Sardines or just buy them at the bait shop.

Another problem that arises is that if the line cast is pulled in unwanted directions, the line can easily break. To fix the breaking line problem while catching the Blue Marlin, start reeling in the opposite direction of the ripples.

A  little pull here and a little patience there will get you the Blue Marlin fish in NieR Replicant. So that will be all for this guide. If you are having trouble catching the Rainbow Trout, check out our article on How To Catch The Rainbow Trout Fish In Nier Replicant?