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How To Catch Blowfish In Nier Replicant

Here's where to find the Blowfish location and how to get it using the correct bait.

There are quite a few fishes to catch in this game and if you want to know where to find Blowfish in The Fisherman’s Gambit, this guide will walk you through it. When you catch multiple fish, your fishing skill will get an improvement. To help you, here’s how to catch Blowfish in Nier Replicant.

Nier Replicant Blowfish Location


To get the Blowfish in Nier Replicant, head to the Seafront Beach location spot because that’s exactly where to catch it. It will be near the Fisherman’s location at the pier. Which bait to use to get this fish, you ask? You can use Lugworms that you can buy from the Fishing store (Tackle shop). It is indicated by the Fishing rod icon on the map and Lugworms will cost you 10 Gold. If you have enough money, grab more of them so that you don’t have to keep purchasing them. You could even catch other fishes with this same bait including Sardines.

lugworm blowfish bait

How To Catch Blowfish


You may have to do multiple fishing attempts because you can catch stuff that you don’t want or need at that moment. So, keep a good amount of bait with you. Note that the Blowfish will require a bit more effort but it’s not a tough fish to catch overall. You could find other fishes while you are at it and catching 7 or more Blowfish will take some time. After getting this, head back to the Fisherman and this is how your Fishing skill will get a boost.

nier replicant blowfish location spot

That’s all about Blowfish in Nier Replicant ver 1.22. With that done, you can start your journey to catch the Rainbow Trout. If you need any more help with this game like how to fish Blue Marlin, where to find wheat, Titanium Alloy and more, we’ve got lots of guides for you on Gamer Tweak! Check them out right away.