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How To Complete The Damaged Map Quest In NieR Replicant

Find out how to complete the Damaged Map quest in NieR Replicant.

You will get the Damaged Map quest in NieR Replicant from the Blacksmith. This Blacksmith can be found in the market area in your character’s village. This quest can be divided into 3 parts as we will discuss further on in this guide. As a reward for completing this quest, you will get a special weapon called the Labyrinth’s Shout. While the quest isn’t difficult as such, it is a bit lengthy with a lot of jumping around between locations. So without wasting more time, let’s dive into the Damaged Map quest guide for NieR Replicant.

Where to find the Damaged Treasure map in NieR Replicant


How To Complete The Damaged Map Quest In NieR Replicant
The Damaged Map quest is given by the Blacksmith in your village market.

In the first part of this quest, the blacksmith gives you a little backstory and tasks you with finding some treasure maps for him. He doesn’t give any clues or hints but just asks you to get him some Treasure Maps. At this time Weiss suggests that it would be a good idea to look for the same in the library. You will have to go to the Library and go to the topmost level. As you enter the top-level head to your left and you will find a popup arrow. Here a cutscene will begin where you find a damaged map. However, the map isn’t a good condition and you will need to get it repaired. In order to do that you will have to head to the Facade map. This is where step two begins.

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How to fix the Damaged Map

To fix the Damaged Map head to the Facade biome. In Facade, you will have to go to the Strange Things Shop. The Strange Things Shop is on your left as soon as you enter through the gates. Take the stairs on your left and keep going until you come across the Strange Things shop. Show the map to the shopkeeper and he will ask you to get 3 things that are required to fix the map. These three things are as follows:


You will need to get 3 units of each item to fix the book. Machine Oil can be obtained as drops from all the Flying Enemies in the Junk Heap. Eggplant will be available from your village’s grocery store for a price of 400 Gold. Goat Hides are obtained by killing and skinning the goats found along the Eastern Road. With all these items head back to the Facade map and go to the Strange Things shop. The Strange Things Shopkeeper will fix the map and return it to you.

Now, head back to the village to give the map. In absence of the Blacksmith, you will have to give the map to his wife. This will also trigger another cutscene where the Blacksmith’s wife will ask you to find the treasure in the map yourself. Now, take the map to Popola to decipher it. You can find Popola in the Library in a room on the first floor. The map points to the treasure being hidden in the Ancient Shrine.

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Where to find the Treasure from the Damaged map in NieR Replicant

Head to the Ancient Shrine map. Take the central staircase and head up to the second floor directly. You will have to go through three rooms where you will find huge cubes. Exit the rooms and keep going in the same direction. You will now come across a pile of rubble. Just past this, you will come across a broken wall with a door on the right. Enter this room and you will see a shiny object on the floor. Interact with it and a pop-up will come saying obtained Pile of Junk. This is the treasure the map was pointing towards.

Now, go back to the Village and speak with the Blacksmith’s wife again. She will deem that it’s not a worthy object and will instead give you her Jade Hair ornament. Take this Hair Ornament to the Strange Things shop in Facade. The Shopkeeper will go on to exchange the Hair Ornament for a Gold Coin.

Now, head back to the Village and you will see the Blacksmith has appeared. Give him the gold coin after which another cutscene begins. After this ends he will give you another map. Take this map to Popola in the Library to get help with deciphering it. The new map will point you towards the Nothern Plains. To go to the Northern Plains take a ferry. Now, once you are at the Northern Plains go across the Wooden Bridge. Having done that search and explore for the remains of the Iron Bridge. Here you will see a shimmering object at the base of the bridge. Interact with this shimmering object and you will get a weapon known as Labyrinth’s Shout. After this happens, there will be a pop-up saying you have completed the Damaged Map quest.

This is everything you need to know about how to complete the Damaged Map quest in NieR Replicant. While you are here have a look at some of our other guides, such as, how to complete the Lighthouse Lady Choice quest or where to find eagle eggs in NieR Replicant.