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How To Get Machine Oil In Nier Replicant

Get your engines running to craft some dope weapons in Nier Replic- wait...You are you are out of Machine Oil!

Nier Replicant will have you farm some resources that are vital in the game but a task to find. One such material is Machine oil. It is a rare raw material that is necessary for a number of quests and upgrades in the game. The game will need you to get all the weapons in the game for certain endings and a whole lot of these weapons require you to farm Machine Oil to craft. So if you are finding it hard to get some machine oil, keep reading our guide on where to find the Machine Oil location in Nier Replicant.

How to Get Machine In Nier Replicant?


Where to Find Machine Oil Location Nier Replicant

You can get machine oil in Nier Replicant by killing the Flying robots in the B2 area of Junk Heap. These are a little more powerful than the other ones you encounter in the same location. You probably will have to kill a couple of these bad boys to get the Machine Oil drop. The drop is indicated by a light blue colored shining light. Once you defeat them, you will also get a lot of other valuable drops along with the Machine Oil drops indicated by the same blue light.

How to Farm it Fast?


If you by any chance do not get the Machine Oil drop on the first go then you can just exit the building and re-enter again. That way the flying robots will just respawn themselves. You can just keep entering and exiting Junk Heap dungeon to farm Machine oil as the robots there will respawn every time you enter again. Apart from upgrading materials, you can also sell the Oil for 600 gold.

So that is all for our guide on where to find machine oil location in Nier Replicant. If you are facing difficulties in finding The Dented Metal Bat and would like to know where to get it, check out our guide on that too.