New World: How To Get Iron Ore And Iron Veins

Find out how to Mine Iron Ore from the Iron Veins in New World.

To get Iron Ore in New World you will have to mine the resources from Veins. And you will need to mine for resources. This is because Crafting is a huge part of the gameplay experience. So, scroll down and find out how to mine for Iron Ore.

How to get Iron Ore in New World?

New World Iron Ore: How To Mine And Get

  • If you want to get Iron Ore, you will first have to mine the Iron Veins.
  • To find these, you will have to go to the Highlands Biome on the map.
  • Just head over to the base of mountains, caves, or rocky regions in the Highlands and you will be able to get to the Iron Ore Veins.
  • You will be able to locate the same by looking for the Resource Locations Icon on the map.
  • Just keep a lookout for any dark-looking rock in your surroundings.
  • Just head over to said rocks.
  • If this rock is actually Iron Ore in New World you will be able to see an interactive pop-up with the name of the resource.
  • Equip the Pickaxe and long-press the E key and you will be able to break the rock.

It is very easy to use Iron Ore. All you need to do is simply go and put raw Ore in the Smelter. This will in turn give you Iron Bars which you can use for Crafting various items.

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