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What Is Weapon Mastery In New World?

Use the Weapon Mastery in New World to gain experience points (XP) for each and every weapon and to complete skill trees.

Weapon Mastery in New World relates to the experience points you get for each weapon in the game. You will have to fill in skill trees and gain XP for each weapon. This will increase your control and mastery over a specific weapon. So let’s find out how this feature works in New World.

How Does Weapon Mastery Work In New World?


Weapon Mastery New World How Does It Work

Weapon mastery is basically how proficient you are with a specific weapon in the game. You will be able to level up your skills for each weapon in the game. There are various unique abilities, modifiers, and bonuses available for each weapon mastery tree.

Each Weapon Mastery has 2 skill trees each that you need to complete to reach the highest level. Along the way, you will be able to earn 20 skill points for each weapon.


You will be able to gain Weapon Mastery points by upgrading and using the weapon of your choice as well as taking down monsters and enemies. Every take-down that you perform will give you a certain amount of XP which will add to your weapon skill.

When you level up your Weapon Mastery in New World, you also unlock abilities for that specific weapon. What this also allows you to do is make your own OP build in the game. You will be able to mess around with different weapons and find out which build suits your gameplay more.

There are 8 Weapon Skill Trees that you can complete. These are:

  • Bow Mastery
  • Fire Staff Mastery
  • Hatchet Mastery
  • Life Staff Mastery
  • Musket Mastery
  • Spear Mastery
  • Sword and Shield Mastery
  • War Hammer Mastery

This is everything you need to know about how Weapon Mastery works in New World. now that you are here have a look at how to easily get Azoth in the game or how to fast travel.