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How To Fast Travel In New World

Are you wondering about how to use fast travel in New World? Check it out right here

Fast Travel in New World can be a bit confusing as the game does not make things clear and on top of that there are a few limitations to the mechanic. However, we’ve discovered a way to get you to wherever you wish to be in the game. If you want to know how to use this popular mechanic in New World, here’s what you need to do.

How To Fast Travel In New World


There are two options to fast travel in New World, the first method needs you to visit an Inn and set it as the fast travel point while the other requires you to use Azoth in the game.

Since there are no mounts that you can use in the game and going back and forth will waste a lot of valuable time, so here’s what you need to know about how to use this game mechanic using the Inn in New World.


How To Use The Inn To Fast Travel In New World

To use the Inn to fast travel in New World, you’re going to need to go to a new settlement, and as soon as you find the Inn, enter it. Inside talk to the Innkeeper and get the option that allows you to fast travel to that particular settlement.

Keep in mind that you can only use one settlement and Inn to fast travel to in the game and it has an hour-long cooldown period.


This can be challenging and if you make a mistake, it can prove to be quite damaging. To have a work around this, players can use Azoth to fast travel in New World.

How To Use Azoth To Fast Travel In New World

To use Azoth to fast travel in New World, make sure that you have enough on you, as soon as you open the map, select the settlement that you wish to visit.

Once you’re done that, under the Recall To Inn option, you should be able to see a “Fast Travel” option.


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It will cost you a base amount of 50 Azoth, on top of that you will need to pay an additional 5 per 100 meters. Another 5 for each 10 weight and you can get discounts fro factions and company.

Using this method does cause players to lose out on a lot of Azoth but it gets the job done.

These are the two ways in which you can fast travel to in New World, while you’re here make sure to check out How To Get Arrows In New World right here on Gamer Tweak.