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How To Easily Get Azoth In New World

Are you wondering about how to farm Azoth in New World? Check it out right here

Azoth in New World is a special and rare item that will allow you to fast travel and enhance your weapons while crafting in the game. It is a mysterious substance with few magical properties, if you wish to know how to get Azoth, you’re at the right place.

How To Get Azoth In New World


To get Azoth In New World you’re going to need to defeat +20 level mobs, as of right now it is the only method that has shown to successfully drop the rare material in the game. Make sure to check for enemies that have a blue glow around, taking them down too will get you Azoth.

how to get azoth in new world

As far as we know Azoth can be used to fast travel from anywhere to any settlement in the game and while you’re going to need a lot of this rare material to do that, it is better than walking all the way.


Farming Azoth can be a bit of a problem, as finding both +20 level mobs and enemies with blue glow can be a rare occurrence, hence it is advisable to pick and choose your battles as per your resources.

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The trailer shows Azoth having magical properties that can resurrect the dead and much more, you can even use it while crafting to give added bonuses to your weapons.


While not all weapons may be able to use its powers, those that do transform in their use and get additional perks.

Another point to be kept in mind is the fact that while the above method is known to be quite successful, you can basically get the rare items from trees, boulders to specific types of creatures that have a small chance of dropping it.

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