Which Faction To Choose In New World?

Marauder vs Covenant vs Syndicate - Best New World Faction Guide

New World has three factions Marauder, Covenant, and Syndicate. Each faction has its pros and cons, picking the right will decide how long you can walk in the game. New World does not restrict you to play with one faction throughout the end. You can change the faction in New World after completing a requirement. Keep reading to know about the best faction in New World and how to switch factions in New World

New World Factions

New World Best Faction

Before picking a faction you must about them. What are their best points, combat strategy, etc? This will help you to choose the right faction at the start of the New World.

  1. Marauders: A powerful military force who seek to get freedom at all cost.
  2. Syndicate: Want to play in stealth then go with the faction. They hunt in shadows.
  3. Covenant: Want to fight for god then go with the Covenant. A league of divine champions who believe in punishing sinners at all cost.

You will start with nothing, as you progress you will unlock a few weapons and reach a village. This is where you will play minor objectives until you reach a point to pick a faction. Choosing the right side matters the most in New World.

Every faction wants to control massive Aeternum Island. Each faction has its own underlying principle to get freedom. These three factions are like three different groups in New World. The game is yet not forcing players to fight against each other. Starting missions are mostly PvE where a faction tries to region control via combat and gathering resources.

The benefit of picking the right faction is support. If your faction has control over a bigger territory you can move freely around. You won’t face many raids, as well farming of resources will be easy. Because you can get a lot of items easily crafting and building powerful bases becomes easier. Your stats rely on the amount of territory your faction controls.

Can you change factions in New World?

Yes, you can change faction in a gap of 120 days in New World. But you cannot switch faction if its holds the largest part of the territory. This means if you joined a faction that has a large amount of land you stay in that. It is quite necessary to pick the right faction at the very beginning of the game. Choosing a powerful faction means a boost in stats and crafting/construction becomes easier. Faction with less strength can make your gameplay tough due to continuous attacks.

Hopefully, this New World Faction guide will help you to make the tough decision of choosing the right faction. Do not forget to go through all available information about the map, territory, etc to pick the most powerful faction in the region. Or else if you love challenges then you can start with Marauders.

New World has a big map, traveling on foot is risky. Why not use Fast Travel point to move from one spot to another in an instant. Also while harvesting you will be gathering a lot of scrap material, selling junk is the best to throw away the load.