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New World Classes, Races And Factions: Are They Real?

Find out whether New World has a Class system in the game.

New World is a new MMO, and usually, with such games, players ask about the Classes, Races, and Factions. Classes allow you to differentiate between various character types. So in such a case, you can also make your own character build that suits your style of gameplay. If you are wondering whether such a system carries over to New World, scroll down and find out.

Does New World have a Classes, Races and Factions system?


New World Classes And Factions: Do Any Races Exist?

The game doesn’t have any Classes and Races and as far as we know. This is because the game will cast you in the role of a human. Sure, there are supernatural abilities, but, these are accessible to all the players.

However, for players lamenting the loss of this system, the game has got your back. There is a way that will allow you to build and upgrade your character in the game. As you keep progressing, you will find new ways to increase and upgrade your Core Attributes in the game. Using different types of Core Attributes will allow you to build the character in a specific way in the game.


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While there aren’t any classes and races in New World, the game does have factions. You can choose between three different factions in the game. These are Marauders, Syndicates, and Covenants. Each faction will have a different vision and view of how to progress in the game. To give you a hint, Marauders are the brazen heroes, Syndicates are the spies and philosophers, while the Covenant is the equivalent of the Roman Knight Crusades.

This is everything that you will need to know about Classes and Races in New World. While you are here, you can also have a look at How To Check Current Wait Times and How To Get New World Golden Rage Armor.