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How To Get Eggs In New World

Need eggs in New World? Here's how you can get them quickly and easily.

Eggs are Beast Wards that are useful in cooking in New World. The realm of Aeternum comes equipped with a ton of challenges for which you will somewhere down the line be needing every food resource you can get. In this guide, we’ll walkthrough how you can get Eggs in New World.

How to Get Eggs in New World


cooking eggs new world

To get eggs in New World, you’ll need to locate and kill Turkeys then further skin them. Moreover, you can even simply locate their nests and scrutinize them for Eggs that can be harvested. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to maximize the chances of locating Turkeys and get Eggs in New World.

  • Turkeys aren’t that hard to locate across Aeternum and you will easily locate them in as early as your first settlement‘s exploration, even if you change your starting area. 
  • Main settlements will always have Turkeys trotting around almost everywhere, so make sure you kill and skin them for eggs.
  • In addition to eggs, Turkeys also provide poultry and feathers which are important resources in-game, so make sure you absorb all of that as well.
  • If you wish to get more eggs faster, level up to 25 in the tracking and skinning skill.
  • This enables quick tracking of small prey – a bracket under which Turkeys fall.
  • Bear in mind that Turkeys and eggs are obtainable everywhere- be it Monarch’s Bluff, Everfall, or Windsward.
  • However, Everfall has a slightly higher concentration of Turkey Nests.
  • Eggs are Beast Ward foods which means they absorb a tiny fragment of damage from beasts.
  • This is pretty helpful even while hunting for more eggs because you frequently encounter beasts like wolves while hunting turkeys.
  • You can choose to level up your cooking level skill to boost your Ward Strength obtained from Eggs.
  • It’s important that you remember not to overstock on eggs as well as on other resources, since these tiny boosts may not be as handy in late levels unless you choose the skill.
  • If you feel you’ve messed a few things up in your skill allocation, you can choose to respec your skills in New World.

Cooking Eggs in New World

Once obtained, you can use eggs for cooking in New World. Here’s a table to help you out with understanding all that you can do with eggs.

Egg Recipe Station Tier Req Cooking Level
Ward Strength Boost
Fried Egg Tier 1 Starting Weak
Hard-Boiled Egg Tier 2 Level 6 Basic
Poached Egg Tier 3 Level 21 Substantial
Steak and Eggs Tier 4 Level 36 Strong
Devilled Eggs Tier 5 Level 51 Powerful

Turkey and Turkey Nest Locations for Eggs

To further help you out, we’ve made a mention of all the spots in Aeternum where you can discover Turkeys and their Nests to hunt them for eggs. Map credits to NewWorldMaps for this amazing tool to help out players.

  • Turkey  Locations

turkey map new world

  • Turkey Nest Locations

eggs nest new world


We hope this guide was of assistance to you. If you like playing and discovering ways to get the best out of your experience in-game, refer to our New World guides section for guides, tips and tricks, and more content related to New World.