How To Get New World Golden Rage Armor?

Find out how to get the New World Golden Rage Armor kit from Twitch Drops.

New World will allow you to get a Golden Rage Armor that is part of a Twitch Drop. This is one of the coolest kits that you will be able to redeem in the game. However, many players are confused about how to actually redeem this armor set in the game. Follow these steps below and you will be able to redeem this armor set with ease.

How to redeem and claim New World Golden Rage Armor Kit?

New World Golden Rage Armor: How To Get And Claim Twitch Drop?

  • The Golden Rage Armor is a Twitch exclusive item.
  • To redeem this you will first have to go to the New World Twitch Drops page.
  • Now, you will have to sign in with your Twitch account.
  • After this, connect and link your Twitch and Steam accounts.
  • Activate the New World Twitch Drops option.
  • Watch all the New World broadcasts on Twitch to get the Golden Rage Armor as a drop.

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Now to actually get the Armor set you will have to go over to the game and look for it. Simply launch the game application and head on over to the Inventory section. Here you will be able to see the Golden Rage Armor option. Just select the skin and apply it to your character. Now, start the gameplay and you will see the armor skin applied.

However, the Golden Rage Armor is not just an armor set for looks. It does have its own set of benefits and buffs that are visible during gameplay.

This is everything that you will need to know about how to redeem and get the Golden Rage Armor Twitch Drop in New World. While you are here, you can also have a look at How To Remove Helmet & Headgear In New World as well as How To Make & Join A Company In New World.