How to Claim New World Pre-Order Bonus Items

Here's how you can claim your pre-order, Deluxe Edition and Steelbook bonus items in New World.

How do I claim my New World Pre-Order Bonus? If this question is what’s bothering you, you’re not alone. Hundreds of gamers all over the globe have been pondering over this same question and we’ve brought you the answer. Here’s how you can claim your New World Pre-Order Bonus.

How to Claim New World Pre-Order Bonus Items

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Your Pre-Order Bonus items have already been added to your game, all you need to do is equip them. The game has a total of 4 bonuses in the form of an item, title, emote and guild crest set for the pre-order in New World. Here’s how you can equip the same.

Isabella’s Amulet

Isabella’s Amulet is a trinket and is among the pre-order bonuses you get in New World. You’ll notice that it has already been equipped to the amulet slot as you create a new character.
Isabella’s amulet boosts your damage against specific supernatural enemy types. Furthermore, you gain an additional healthpool perk or “constitution” that weathers attacks as well.

Expedition One Title in New World

Expedition One is the title you get as a bonus from the pre-order of New World. Here’s how to equip it.

  • Go to the “Bio” tab.
  • Select “Title“.
  • Click on “Expedition One“.
  • Your Expedition One title is now equipped and ready for your New World character.

Fist Bump Pre-Order Bonus Emote

The Fist Bump Emote is obtained as a bonus from the New World Pre-Order. It’s already present by default, and you can use this from the emote window. You can do this by hitting “P” on your keyboard.

Guild Crest Set

The Guild Crest Set is also a bonus you receive from the New World Pre-Order. Here’s how you access each of the three Guild Crests.

  • Press “Tab” to open your inventory.
  • Select the gear you want.
  • Now choose “Change Skin” from the options at the bottom.
  • You can choose from the available skins whichever suits your preference.

Deluxe Edition Pre-Order Bonuses for New World

The Deluxe Edition of New World has the same bonus items as the pre-order plus the following.

  • Woodsman armor skin
  • Woodsman boarding axe skin
  • Mastiff house pet
  • Rock/Paper/Scissors emote set.
  • New World digital art book.

Steelbook Map of Aeternum in New World

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The Steelbook contains all the bonuses from pre-order as well as all the items from Deluxe plus an additional Collector’s map of Aeternum as designed by the art director of New World.

That’s all there is to know on how to claim pre-order bonus items, deluxe edition bonuses, and the Steelbook in Amazon’s New World. We hope this guide was of assistance to you. Here’s a guide to help you on your quest and join factions in New World.