New Princess Peach Game Coming To Switch In 2024

Ever wanted to play Super Princess Peach? Nintendo has a surprise in store for you.

Princess Peach is getting her own game for the Nintendo Switch in 2024. This is big because she has been one of the most iconic characters in gaming. And while she is commonly known for her damsel in distress role, this isn’t exactly the first time she has gotten a chance to shine. And no, I’m not talking about how she is a playable character in games like Smash Bros, Mario Party, Mario Kart, and others. Here is everything you should know about her past adventures.

New Princess Peach Game Release Date

While we know that the new Princess Peach game is releasing in 2024, the exact release date or the release window is not yet known. We will keep you updated whenever any new information is revealed.

The last game where she was the main star was released in 2005 (Super Princess Peach on Nintendo DS).

Princess Peach Game Reveal Trailer

Princess Peach New Game for Nintendo Switch

During the Nintendo Direct, the curtains reveal to show Princess Peach along with a Sunflower character. The area where she runs appears to look like some sort of Stage. Finally, we see her step on a platform where her dress begins to glow and the trailer ends. You can check out the trailer below.

New Princess Peach Game Name

Nintendo Hasn’t officially announced a name for it just yet. But since the game will launch next year it is safe to assume it is developed a fair bit already. While it is not official, following some previous 2D Mario games, we can speculate the game name to be Super Princess Peach World or New Super Princess Peach.

What type of Game will it be?

If we are following Super Princess Peach, it can be another adventure where Bowser kidnaps Mario and Luigi and it is up to her to save them. But considering how little the trailer shows it is hard to say for sure that it is going to be a platformer.

And based on how the game looked with its theater theme. It is not surprising if it turns out to be some RPG like the Paper Mario. As of now, the possibilities are endless.

That’s all about Nintendo’s new Princess Peach game. This wasn’t the only big thing announced in the Nintendo Direct. You should also check out the new Zelda And Ganondorf Amiibo, and the Elephant in SMB Wonder.