TOTK Zelda And Ganondorf Amiibo Release Date

Link's TOTK Amiibo feels alone on your shelf? Zelda and Ganondorf will be able to join him soon.

Nintendo fans are eager to know the release date of the Zelda & Ganondorf Amiibos for TOTK. Thanks to this announcement being made on the Nintendo Direct. Players can finally complete the Triforce for their collection of this game. And aside from just collection, like most amiibos you can scan them to get rewards in Tears of the Kingdom. So here is everything you should know about it.

TOTK Zelda and Ganondorf Amiibo Release Date

Zelda Ganondorf Amiibos Release Date TOTK

The upcoming Zelda and Ganondorf Amiibos from Tears of the Kingdom will release this Holiday Season 2023.

Both of these are iconic poses by the characters. Getting a bit into minor spoilers you can find them during the Dragon’s Tears questline.

Zelda’s pose is based on Zelda’s Wish memory. As for Ganondorf while you cannot find the exact pose, a somewhat similar stance can be seen in the memory Sonia Is Caught by Treachery.

Zelda and Ganondorf Amiibo Rewards

The main reward for the upcoming Amiibos will be their Paraglider Skins. For Zelda, you unlock the Princess Zelda Fabric, and for Ganondorf, you get the Gerudo-King Fabric. Once you get them you can visit the Kochi Dye Shop in Hateno Village to get them changed anytime.

Aside from that, you will also be getting weapons and other materials for using them.

How to Use Tears of the Kingdom Amiibos

After unlocking the Amiibo rune you can scan them both once daily.

  1. Enable the Use of Amiibo from settings.
    1. Press the “+” button to pause the game.
    2. Go to the System settings.
    3. Next, go to options and enable Amiibo.
  2. Press L and select the Amiibo ability.
  3. Move the cursor to place the golden glow where your rewards should land.
  4. Finally, scan the amiibo by tapping it on the right stick of your Joycon or Pro Switch controller.

That’s everything known about the new Ganondorf & Zelda Amiibos for TOTK. I suggest you check out our Tears of the Kingdom section if you need help on any topics for this game. And for more gaming news check out Gamer Tweak.