Elephant Mario Comes To Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2D Game)

Addressing the big Elephant Mario in the upcoming 2D Super Mario game. Find out all about the Elephant Mario in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

Nearing the end of the Nintendo Direct presentation, an Elephant Mario was revealed in the new 2D Super Mario Wonder game. While this new power-up has left the netizens spiraling across the Internet, its fanbase is getting a bit awkward. With Mario turning into an elephant from a fruit with a trunk, the goofy-looking plumber is still recognizable with a mustache. As bulkier in size, the form looks like a Mario Mascot that can smash any Goombas. So, here’s where you can find out all about Elephant Mario from Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

Internet is Going Crazy over Elephant Mario from Super Mario Wonder

Elephant Mario Comes To Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2D Game)

The Elephant Mario from Super Mario Bros. Wonder has left a giant mark on the entire Internet. Over a short period since its reveal, it has got netizens sharing Elephant Mario memes, fan art, and other weird content on Twitter. While a majority of fans love the new Elephant Mario power-up in the 2D Mario Wonder, some feel a bit uncomfortable.

Elephant Mario Memes on Twitter

So, here are some most popular Elephant Mario memes and fanart on the Internet:

Addressing an Elephant sized-PSA for parents, don’t let your children search for Elephant Mario on the Internet. That’s due to the viral NSFW content that has been widely made by fan artists. While this ain’t the first time that the Mario content has inspired such zeal and passion, we suggest being cautious.

Releasing on October 20, 2023, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the latest side-scrolling 2D game by Nintendo. As seen from the trailers, the new Super Mario game shows Mario with similar mechanics and aesthetics. However, the title showcases a much more vibrant and colorful setting than its past Mario titles.

Since other characters like Princess Daisy and Peach will be playable, we doubt if they will get an Elephant power-up.

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