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V Rising: How To Get Mourning Lily (Farming Guide)

Wondering where to farm & how to get Mourning Lily in V Rising? Then check out this guide.

V Rising has a number of items and resources that you have to collect. As a weakened Vampire who rose from a deep slumber these items help you progress in the game. Mourning Lily is one of those items that you will have to farm early in the game to make a few potions. So let’s check out this guide to get and farm Mourning Lily in V Rising.

Location Where to Farm & Get Mourning Lily in V Rising


Find Mourning Lily in V Rising

As the name suggests, Mourning Lily can be found in the Forgotten Cemetery in Farbane Woods. You can find it growing among the plants or on the headstones. It will have a light blue colored glowing top which seems like a bell-like shaped head.

Since this is also the location where you find Nicholaus the Fallen and his minions, we advice you to have on a good armor. If you are unprepared then don’t go for battle. Just farm as many Lily you can and escape before they completely drain your health.


If going to the Forgotten Cemetery sounds like a risk then you can try to farm Mourning Lily in nearby cemetery and graveyard. Just look for it among the plants and on top of headstones.

There is also the off chance of finding it in treasures and chests that are looted from villages. The probability is low but it’s never zero.

You can also grow your own Mourning Lily at your own Castle by purchasing the Mourning Lily Seed from the trader, Gavyn the Shady Dealer in exchange for 15 Silver Coins. Check out the guide on Trade Merchant locations to find him.


Mourning Lily is an important item since you need it at the Alchemy Table to craft –

That’s all you need from this farm guide to get Mourning Lily in V Rising. Make sure you check out how to farm Highland Lotus and other V Rising guides, tips and tricks right here on Gamer Tweak.