V Rising Highland Lotus: How To Farm & Get

If you are looking for Highland Lotus in V Rising then check out this article.

In V Rising you have to collect a ton of resources to settle yourself in the game. As a weakened Vampire who woke up from his deep slumber, these resources develop your early, mid and the endgame. Highland Lotus is a resource that you will need for the endgame. There is a way to farm it and a way to grow it. Let’s check out how to farm and get Highland Lotus in V Rising.

Where to Farm Highland Lotus in V Rising

Highland Lotus Location V Rising

Highland Lotus can be farmed from the different regions of Silverlight Hills. It appears as a yellow colored plant and spawns alongside the trees. Try looking for it in the Harpy Nest region. Its more commonly found there.

The other way to farm Highland Lotus is to grow it in your own Castle. You will need Highland Lotus Seeds in order to grow them. The seeds are available with Ottar the Merchant and can be traded for 200 silver coins. If you don’t know how to trade then check out this guide.

Ottar the Merchant can be found at Brighthaven Slums on the southwestern side of Silverlight Hill. You can’t directly trade with him as a Vampire and you will have to appear in human form. If you beat Beatrice the Tailor then you have unlocked the power to appear in human form.

The most common mistake among players has been to drop Silver Coins. It is true that silver coins give you the Silver Sickness Debuff but it also comes of use when you need to trade with merchants. You can use Silver Resistance Potion and Silver Resistance Brew to counter the Silver Sickness Debuff. You can also use any cloak that has a little Silver resistance.

Make sure you have enough blood since human power requires blood. Once you trade with Ottar just come back to the Castle and plant the seed.

That’s all on how to farm and get Highland Lotus in V Rising. Make sure you don’t miss out on other guides, tips and tricks on V Rising right here on Gamer Tweak.