Lies Of P Motivity Vs Technique: What To Choose? (Explained)

Strength vs. Dex, that's the real question. Check out our guide to find out what is the difference between Motivity or Technique in the Lies of P.

The Motivity or Technique in Lies of P means Strength vs Dexterity which is a common topic of interest among every Soulslike player. As you level up and create OP builds, you will need to mainly choose between these two options. While this is a crucial decision for your progression, it also dominates the damage dealt and mobility of Pinocchio. But what is a better choice between them? Check out our guide that explains the differences between Motivity and Technique or strength vs dex in this game.

Differences Between Motivity And Technique in Lies of P (Explained)

lies of p motivity or technique

The main difference between the Motivity vs Technique in Lies of P is using heavier or lighter weapons. While the motivity or strength-based build deals the strongest damage to enemies, it lacks mobility or dexterity. On the other hand, choosing a Technique or dex build allows you to move faster with the highest stamina. But a Technique-based build in Lies of P lacks the Physical attack and defense which is most crucial during tough boss fights.

As you start with your playthrough, you can also pick your preferred combat style for an early head start. Choosing the Path of the Bastard: Dexterity will allow you to make a Technique build. However, choosing the Path of the Sweeper: Strength will allow you to start with a Motivity build.

So, here’s the comparison of both of their stats by default in-game:

Stats Motivity (Strength Build) Technique ( Dex Build)
HP 323 262
Stamina 96 132
Physical ATK 123 99
Physical DEF 80 74

For a more balanced gameplay, you can also choose the Path of the Cricket: Balance. This combat style offers you the potential to create Strength and dexterity builds as you level up. So, here are the stats if you choose a balanced combat style:

  • HP – 283
  • Stamina – 109
  • Physical ATK – 110
  • Physical DEF – 78

What Should You Choose Between Motivity and Technique?

Ultimately, the choice between strength or dexterity in Lies of P depends on your preferred playstyle. If you are new to the Bloodborne or Soulslike genre, we suggest focussing on Technique. With more mobility and stamina, there is a higher chance of dodging enemies, bosses, and mini-bosses. You can also move faster which is perfect for evading enemies, as well.

But on the contrary, picking Motivity offers the highest health bar which can be ideal for taking down main bosses. It will allow you to wield Greatswords or other heavier types of weapons like a cakewalk. Lastly, both combat styles need a lot of practice to master them. It all depends on your experience and current build. So, we leave the rest of the decision to you.

That’s all about the Motivity or Technique in Lies of P. If you found this guide helpful, check out our guides to find out how to use Rare Ergo and get boss weapons, how to parry or block, and explore more Lies of P Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.