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How to Parry or Block in Lies of P? (Perform Perfect Guard)

A proper parry will save you from strong attacks while a perfect block can help you stun enemies.

Parry or Block is a crucial combat move in Lies of P. Without it, you can instantly lose more than 50% of your health during boss fights. You will learn early this in-game the consequences of not having to perfect parry timing. The first boss, a station guard who appears shortly after dealing with a few enemies can tow you down with two or three blows. At this time blocking this attack and parrying at the right time can help you to move to the next level. In this guide, you will learn how to perfectly parry and how to block attacks in Lies of P.

How to Parry/Block in Lies of P?

Parrying is a kind of dodging away or jumping at full speed toward any direction. This move plays a huge role in avoiding incoming attacks in Lies of P. Also, this will consume stamina, so keep an eye on the bar on the lower side of the screen. If stamina is over you cannot parry or block in Lies of P.

How to Dodge?

Lies of P How to Dodge?

Dodging is simple in Lies of P. But it must be performed with perfect timing. Or else you cannot evade an attack. To dodge press the Space key on the PC, Circle on the PlayStation Controller, and B on the Xbox controller. Also, you have to select the direction where you want to dodge using the joysticks.

Lies of P Parry Guide

Enemies can cut down your dodging and attack, so do practice a lot. This will be extremely useful during boss fights. The best way to parry or dodge in Lies of P is to run a little back and then press the right or left directional key. Then press Space or  Circle or B to dodge away faster. Do not try to run away far from the enemy, instead try to go to its backside. Then hit with a charge attack.

How to Block / Perfect Guard?

Lies of P how to guard

Guarding from attack is not easy in Lies of P. It requires practice, a good judgment of enemies’ attacks, and perfect timing to hit the right keys. After performing a guard you can go with perfect guar that unleashes a powerful defensive attack on the enemy and also restore some HP. Here are some tips on how to guard in Lies of P.

  • Do not rush in for guard. Learn the controls well, Shift on PC, L1 on PS, and LB on Xbox.
  • When the enemy is halfway through hitting you press the Guard keys.
  • Always lock the target by pressing the Middle mouse and clicking on PC, R3 on PS, and Xbox.

A perfect card can not only protect you from a heavy attack well it will also stun the enemy for a while. The next do is to perform a changed attack that is done by pressing and holding R2 on PS, Right Mouse click on PC, and RT on Xbox. Also, check the enemy’s health bar, there must be a white outline on it, and then only all this will work. It may look tough and hard to remember everything during battle, but if you can ace this movement, you can easily beat down bosses.

Always remember that timing is everything in guarding while dodging is not that complicated in Lies of P. A perfect guard can drain out a lot of health form enemies’ health meters. Hope this guide is good enough to give you clarity on how to guard and dodge in Lies of P. Do check our Lies of P control guides to know more about the gameplay mechanism.