How To Find Items & Unlock New Areas In The Krypt – MK 11 Tips & Tricks

Everything you want to know about Krypt is in this guide

Krtyp is an important part of Mortal Kombat 11 and marks my words you might spend blindly thousands of coins and get nothing good enough. So you have to know how the krypt works and how you can find useful items in it. In this Mortal Kombat 11 Krtyp guide we had complied beginners tips along with links of important items you have to collect first so that you can ease your search. There are tons of chest in the Krypt and ample of things are random. Krypt is a time-consuming process and also it cost different type of currency, sometime Koins some time Soul Fragments, etc. To clear out your confusion in this MK 11 Krypt guide you will get a list of things you must know before you start.

The Krypt Walkthrough – Important Tips & Tricks To Learn & Remember

  1. You will need a PSN, Xbox and Switch online account with an active internet connection.
  2. The chest will reward you with consumables and brutalities, there are gears, cosmetics, and fatalities. Almost all chest requires koins to unlock, you might get free koins by breaking jar or using some weapon or the ability for the first time.
  3. The cost of opening a chest lies between 1000 coins to 10,000 or higher. Some chest is special that demands a very high price, so do choose wisely.
  4. To open Shao Kahn’s chest you will need Hearts. The same is required for Special Flaming chest if you have around 300 hearts you can unlock some of them.
  5. To open Soul Vaults you will need around 100 Soul Fragments. You can start using Soul Fragments after getting Ermac’s Amulet. After getting the amulet you can manipulate green glowing areas to repair the bridge and remove debris. This cost Soul Fragments.
  6. When you enter Krypt you will Shang Tsung he will point you towards a chest, there are two at the start. Unlock both to get 100 Hearts and 50,000 coins each.
  7. You will enter the Palace Entrance region, scan the left and right properly, there are multiple chests here. There is also a hidden chest but you cannot see them without a magical blindfold that you will get later in Krypt. Don’t worry we have a dedicated guide that will help you to find it easily just click the link – How To Get Kenshi Takahashi’s Blindfold.
  8. You have to take Shao Kahn’s war hammer, this will be used to break doors and walls. You can also destroy objects. The first thing you will break is the door in the front that will allow you to enter The Courtyard.
  9. The Courtyard is a big place there are many hidden regions around. You will also see a few hanging people in the center, and you can pull them using a chained spear. So anyhow you have to revisit the section. Read How to Get Hanzo Hasashi’s Chained Spear for more info.
  10. At the left end there is an wall you can break next to Kronika’s Time Vault that will give you access to a region to find Horn Of Motaro a very important item that will be needed to unlock the underground region of Krypt where you will find Ermac’s Amulet, Kenshi Takahashi’s Blindfold and Hanzo Hasashi’s Chained Spear. So do visit there first. To help you can read our How To Get Horn Of Motaro Guide.
  11. The door right in front of you after enter the Courtyard is closed, to open this you have to hit a gong with the hammer. The door will unlock The Forge where you can combine items to make a new one. The gong is located on the left end side, the same path where you will be finding Horn Of Motaro. One you enter Courtyard, walk to the left end, you will spot Kronika’s Time Vault and wall to break on its left. Break it and you will see the gong. The door that leads to Horn Of Motaro is on the left, to open this door you will need Gem of the Living. Read our above guide to know more.
  12. From the new door that leads you to the Forge, if you go straight you will be introduced to the Pit, you cannot move ahead because of the broken bridge. You will need Ermac’s Amulet.
  13. From the new door to the right and you will see Mountain Pass, a small path carved on the edge of rocks that will take you to The Shrine. You can pay tribute to the idol in the sum of 1000 coins, 2000 coins, 3000 coins and so on to unlock Shrine Awards. It is also the fastest way to get poor.
  14. On the right of shrine, there is a path that leads to the door of underground caves, a place where you have to find Horn Of Motaro to unlock. To help you can read our How To Get Horn Of Motaro Guide. There is a gong on the left side of the door, it will open a door that will create a shortcut to reach the Courtyard. Behind the Gong, there is a separate region called Sacrifice.

There are lifts in the underground cave that will help you to reach lower levels, similar to the upper region there are tons of things to explore and unlock. Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt is all about exploration and there are random things, it requires a ton of money to unlock everything and above it also requires hours of exploration other than playing games. You can earn koins in matches and then visit the Krypt to unlock items, other than koins there are various different items required to open doors and chest, so happy grinding.

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