How To Get Chained Spear Of Hanzo Hasashi – Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt Guide

A powerful weapon to unlock traps, pull and break items

Hanzo Hasashi Chained Spear is located in the Armory of Goro’s Liar and it is easy to find from the throne room where you see dead Goro sitting. On the right there are two doors, the first one goes to Armory where you will get the spear and the door to the left end goes to Goro’s Liar where you will get Kenshi Takahashi’s Blindfold. It is an important upgrade because it will help you to pull bodies from a distance, break items to unlock path. So we will go step by step to find Hanzo Hasashi Chained Spear and with that at the end of this Mortal Kombat Krypt Guide, you can also check links to find Kenshi Takahashi’s Blindfold and Ermacs Amulet’s.

How To Find Hanzo Hasashi Chained Spear – Krypt Location

We will start from the throne room because it is easier to return and to find the door. If you are in Goro’s Lair and collect the blindfold return back to the throne room. There will be another door on your right.

MK 11 Hanzo Hasashi Chained Spear Location

The door is easy to spot, from the throne where you see the giant Goro go right and then take the door on the left.

MK 11 Hanzo Hasashi Chained Spear Location

Continue walking till the end till you see a door, there is a chain on left. Use it to open the door and collect the spear. You will see the glowing chain on the wall. Once you pick up the spear you will see a locked door, this is the time you will test the weapon. Walk near the door and attack the lamp on top to open it.

Two more important things to find is Kenshi Takahashi’s Blindfold and Ermacs Amulet’s. The blindfold will help you to reveal hidden paths and treasures while the Amulet will help you to clear debris and repair bridges.

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