How To Get Kenshi Takahashi Blindfold To See Hidden Path & Treasures – Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt Guide

The blindfold consumes Soul Fragments, It will reveal hidden paths, treasures, and more.

Kenshi Takahashi Blindfold is an important upgrade in Mortal Kombat 11 especially when you are exploring the Krypt. It reveals the sprigtail realm where you can see hidden paths and treasures. In this Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt guide, we will give you Kenshi Takahashi Blindfold location with step by step instruction to find it easily without getting lost in the dark caves. Remembers while using it, it will consume Soul Fragments. Also watch out for evil spirits they are only visible when you wear the blindfold.

How To Get Kenshi Takahashi Blindfold Location – Krypt Location

Kenshi Takahashi Blindfold is located in the caves, so first, you have to unlock the door to underground caves and you will require Horn Of Motaro and you can read our Horn Of Motaro location guide to complete the first step.

Once you are in the cave, walk till the end to find a lift. Move the lever and it will take you underground lower level.

Walk till the end and you will reach Goro’s Lair. Now there the path is tricky so follow exactly what I am writing down below step by step to reach the Jails where you will find Kenshi Takahashi.

How To Get Kenshi Takahashi Blindfold MK 11

You will see Goro dead on his throne, turn right and pull the chair to open the door in the right corner. The cave will lead you to Goro’s Treasure Chamber.

How To Get Kenshi Takahashi Blindfold MK 11

In the center of Treasure Chamber there is a sword, on the right another password, walk through that you will reach The Jails. There is a pool of blood in the center, walk to the left end side as you enter and you will see dead Kenshi Takahashi. Collect the Blindfold from his corpses.

How To Get Kenshi Takahashi Blindfold MK 11

Once you enter the door on the backside will close, collect the blindfold and use it. For PS4 press the Circle key, and you will see a wall that you can break. Use the hammer while wearing the Blindfold and remove it as soon as you see an open path. Go to the end pull the chain to open the door to return to the Jails region.

In the same cave area, you can also find Ermacs Amulet, it is an important element that will help you to rebuild bridges and repair doors. You can read our guide How to find Ermacs Amulet for step by step details to find it in Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt.

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