How To Get Horn Of Motaro In Krypt To Unlock Courtyard Cave – Mortal Kombat 11 Guide

Stuck near the cave underground we have a solution to unlock the door.

In Mortal Kombat 11 after entering into the Krypt you will stuck at a door that leads to cave underground. This door has a skull lock on it and to open it you will require Horn Of Motaro. In this Mortal Kombat guide will tell how to find Horn Of Motaro to unlock the Krypt skull door that leads to the underground cave. It is pretty simple just follow the steps and you will be able to access an entirely new area for more amazing rewards.

How To Get Horn Of Motaro In Krypt

Get Gem Of The Living:

Mortal Kombat 11 Gem of Living Location

After passing through different regions you will eventually land in front of the cave door. Before you walk towards it you will see a meteor crashing in front of the door. Use the hammer to break the meteoroid that crashes in front of the door to get Gem of the Living.

Horn Of Motaro Location – The Courtyard

Horn Of Motaro Location MK11 Guide

In the beginning, after taking Shang Tsung’s hammer you have to break a door right in front of the place where the hammer was kept to access the Courtyard. Cross the door and you see a few men hanging. Turn left and walk to the corner. There is something glowing on the wall it is Kronika’s Time Vault. You have to pay 2000 Koin per chest yon replenish all the rewards. On the left corner of this vault there is a wall, break and inside you will see a Gong that will unlock another door in the courtyard.

Horn Of Motaro Location MK11 Guide

On the left of the Gong, there is a door that can be unlocked using a Gem of the Living. Walk towards the Garden, and look for a round door blocked by wooden logs. Break it and unlock the door in your front the lever is between red candles.

Horn Of Motaro Location MK11 Guide

Inside you will find Horn Of Motaro, carry it and return back to the locked door and use the Horn Of Motaro to unlock the underground cave region for more rewards and chest. You will also earn 5000 Koins to unlock the door.

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