How To Upgrade And Get More Dragon Heart Charges In Remnant 2

Not familiar with the Relic upgrade system? Use this guide to max Dragon Heart charges in Remnant 2.

Many players want to upgrade Dragon Heart and get more charges in Remnant 2, as it helps during tough explorations and fights. Relics in this game are consumables with limited charges, and you cannot have multiple relics of one type. You can get bonuses with the relics by equipping Relic Fragments, but that is not enough. And it is hard to obtain high-level Relic Fragments like Regal, Flawless, and Mythic. Your best route to utilize the item to its full potential is by maximizing the charges.

How to Max Dragon Heart Charges in Remnant 2

Upgrade Dragon Heart Charges Remnant 2

Players need to meet Wallace and use one Simulacrum, 10 Lumenite Crystals, and 1000 Scrap for upgrading Dragon Heart Relic and increasing charges. You will find Wallace in Ward 13, he is the NPC that allowed you to choose a starting Class.

The first material, Simulacrum, can be purchased from Cass for 1500 Scrap, and obtained as drops in most worlds and N’Erud. You only need one Simulacrum, so it is better to get them as a drop, rather than purchasing, as you need Scrap for Dragon Heart upgrade too.

In Remnant 2, Lumenite Crystals are not very uncommon. You can find them in Ward 13 and purchase them for 300 Scrap from Cass. And they can also be obtained as Aberrations drops. The third ingredient, Scrap, is the main currency of the game. You get them from enemies, chest, and quest rewards. Once you collect all three ingredients required for the upgrade of Dragon Heart in Remnant 2, do this to increase the charges.

  • Approach Wallace in Ward 13.
  • Select “I’d like to see what you can craft“.
  • Choose Dragon Heart and confirm the upgrade. Each relic upgrade increases one charge, so do this multiple times to max the charges.

Now that you have upgraded the Dragon Heart to get more charges in Remnant 2, you should check our other Remnant 2 guides for more relics and other useful items. You can start with Void Heart Relic and then craft Energy Wall.