Super Mario RPG: How To Get Monstro Town Key

Can’t find the way to Monstro Town to get Monstro Town Key in Super Mario RPG? Here is all you need to do.

Super Mario RPG has many hidden locations, but Monstro Town shines among them. From the fortune room of Belome to the hidden boss, this town has many things to keep you engaged. And one of the things that you find here is Monstro Town Key. This special key unlocks the treasure room of Belome Temple which players have been trying to unlock for quite some time.

In this guide, we cover how to get to Monstro Town, obtain the Monstro Town key, and also give the list of things to do in this town.

How to Get to the Monstro Town in Super Mario RPG

How to Get to the Monstro Town in Super Mario RPG
Image Credit: Sny_Guy on YouTube

Before finding the Monstro Town Key, you first need to reach the town. The town is the sixth Star Piece location. You get to access it after Land’s End and you have to complete the Belome Temple to reach the town.

  • While you are clearing the Land’s End you’ll reach a sandy zone.
  • Here you’ll see sand whirl. You need to enter the whirl which has Warrior Ant.
  • Keep jumping in the sand whirl with the Warrior Ant till you reach underground.
  • Clear the monster and complete the area till you find a gray rat.
  • Beside that rat is a pipe which will take you to Monstro Town.

How to Get Monstro Town Key

Once you have reached the town, look for the black door. Above the black door is a cliff with Monstro Town Key. The key needs to fall for you to collect it. And for that, you need to follow these steps:

  • Enter the door on the left of the black door.
  • In the room, you’ll find a grumpy spiky book-like being. Keep talking to it, till you exhaust all the dialogue options.
  • Now, come outside and grab the fallen key.

How to Use Monstro Town Key

How to Use Monstro Town Key
Image Credit: Sny_Guy on YouTube

The key is used to open the hidden treasure room of Belome Temple.

  • Trace back the route you followed to reach the temple end till you see a dog statue.
  • Jump up and get your fortune read from the statue.
  • Head to the next room when it says “Sorry. I’m not accepting visitors past my bedtime.” You must note that fortune changes. So keep exiting and entering the floor till you get this.
  • After getting the fortune use the yellow platform. This time you’ll enter a hidden room.
  • There is a golden statue that will ask for the key. For what? Obviously for eating. What else is the key used for?
  • It will disappear after eating and key and you can collect these:
    • x8 Frog Coins
    • Max Mushrooms
    • Fire Bomb
    • Royal Syrup
    • Flower Tabs

What to Do in Monstro Town?

As we have said above the town has many surprises for the players. Below we have listed the quests, items, places, and NPCs for that:

  • Find Hidden Boss with Shiny Stone.
  • Shop from Goomba’s store.
  • Get Musty Fears Quest from Mushroom.
  • Get Attack Scarf and Super Suit from Chow.
  • Obtain a Jinx belt from Jinx.

That’s all for the things you can do in the Monstro Town after getting and using the Monstro Town key in Super Mario RPG. If you found this interesting, you should see other Super Mario RPG guides. We cover everything from a boss guide to hidden locations.