Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Trainer Cheats

Struggling to make your mark in MH Stories 2? Need a Shortcut?

Do you want MH Stories 2 Trainer that unlocks infinite Health for Monstie and Hunter, max out Kinship Level, drops infinite hearts and exp? Well, you can try out some MH Stories 2 cheats listed in this article. A trainer will allow you to unlock the entire game potential for free. For some, this will ruin the entire fun, but some loves to play as a god. The best way to insert cheats in Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin is using a Trainer tool. Warning: Try the Trainer at your own risk. Certain files are detected as a security threat on Windows 10.

MH Stories 2 Trainer Download

MH Stories 2 Trainer Download

The best one you can start with is FLiNG Trainer. The current version of the trainer is v1.0 Plus. The download is available for free on the official website. You can see the screenshot of the trainer above. Here is the list of all MH Stories 2 cheats you can activate using the tool.

  • Infinite Player HP – Num 1
  • Infinite Monstie HP – Num 2
  • Infinite Hearts – Num 3
  • Infinite Kinship – Num 4
  • Max Kinship Level – Num 5
  • Freeze Turn Number/Max Battle Rating – Num 6
  • Infinite EXP – Num 7
  • EXP Multiplier – Num 8
  • Set Game Speed – Num 9
  • Super Damage/One Hit Kill – Num 0
  • Unlimited Money – Ctrl + Num 1
  • Unlimited Bottle Cap – Ctrl + Num 2
  • Increase Healing Items – Ctrl + Num 3
  • Increase Support Items – Ctrl + Num 4
  • Increase Material Quantities – Ctrl + Num 5
  • Increase Facility Item – Ctrl + Num 6
  • Increase Growth Item – Ctrl + Num 7

To install MH Stories 2 Trainer download the zip file and extract the same. If you are getting a security warning sign then try to add the folder to the exclusion list. There are two trainer versions available for download. One is MH Stories 2 Trainer 15 and Trainer 17. In case you are facing any issue with activating cheats on the new one try the older version.

As soon as you exit or turn off the Trainer tool all MH Stories 2 cheats will be deactivated. You will have to launch the game first and then launch the trainer by pressing Alt + D. This will minimize the game, double-click on the trainer app, and activate all required options. It is necessary that it must detect the running game in the background. Or else the cheats will not work. You can verify the same by checking the left section of the trainer software. If you see game.exe or anything similar running then it means you can activate the cheats on MH Stories 2.

So this was MH Stories 2 Trainer Cheat tool. You can also check our MH Stories 2 Wings of Ruins wiki guide for any latest updates on the game.