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Monster Hunter Rise Well Done Steak Request – How To Cook For Elder Fugen

Find out how to complete the Well Done Steak Request in Monster Hunter Rise.

In Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) you will be requested by Elder Fugen to get him a Well Done Steak. This is one of the first side quests you will receive in the game. The quest is pretty straightforward and there are two methods by which you can complete them. Both these methods are pretty easy and overall this task shouldn’t take much time. This guide will tell you exactly how to fulfill Elder Fugen’s craving for a well-done steak.

How to get Elder Fugen’s Well-Done Steak from the Canteen in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)


complete the Well Done Steak Request in Monster Hunter Rise
Satiate Elder Fugen’s hunger with a Steak.

This is the easier of the two methods to complete the quest and one we suggest you should follow. Once you get the request from Elder Fugen in Kamura Village you have to search for the canteen. The canteen will be located very close to the place where Elder Fugan gives you the request. Once you reach the canteen have a seat and interact with the menu. Select the Motley Mix option. Now give some raw meat to the cook and pay the necessary price. The cook will immediately whip up the dish and pack the dish for you. Go and visit Elder Fugen and hand it over to him.

How to Cook Well-Done Steak for Elder Fugen


This can be a bit tricky for new players as it involves using the cooking mechanic. Once you receive the quest from Elder Fugen undertake another quest too which will take you outside of the village. In your pouch, you will find something called BBQ-spit. You will also need to have Raw Meat handy. Click on the BBQ-Spit and a fire pit will appear. Now it gets tricky. A jingle plays in the background as the meat is getting cooked. Once the jingle stops, wait for a few seconds and take the meat off the pit. If you leave it for too long the meat will get burned. This might prove to be a bit annoying for new players so we advise against this. You can give the Steak to Elder Fugen and receive 10 potions as a reward for your troubles.

This is the complete guide on How to Get Well-Done Steak for Elder Fugen in Monster Hunter Rise. Do not miss out on learning how to properly use a long sword as well as how to beat Aknosom.