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Where To Find The Twisted Remains In Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

Find the Twisted Remains in MH Rise.

Twisted Remains are an important resource in Monster Hunter Rise. However, they are very rare and you need to have a keen eye while finding them. They aren’t easily found and require a bit of searching. The Twisted Remains are important as they are necessary for crafting items, weapons, and armor in MH Rise. You can usually find them in the Shrine Ruins map in the game. However, there too they are a bit difficult to find. This guide will show you the locations of the Twisted Remains in MHR.

Where to find the Twisted Remains in Monster Hunter Rise


Monster Hunter Rise twisted remains location
These locations usually spawn the Twisted Remains.

The Twisted Remains are mostly found in the Shrine Ruins. These Twisted Remains are in the form of bones. They look like the bones of a monster that has decayed away in that position. The Twisted Remains are a bit difficult to find. You can usually find them in higher-up places. You will have to use your wirebug to get to higher peaks. Follow the locations marked on the map to find the Twisted Remains. Beware that you will have to do a fair bit of climbing to get to those points.

  • Location 1 is along the wall under the place where sector 3 is marked.
  • The second location is on a peak in sector 7.
  • Third is on the peak in sector 5.
  • Fourth is just north of the third location.
  • Fifth is along the wall to the west of sector 10.
  • Sixth is along the wall in sector 11 to the east.


Items that can be made by Twisted Remains


  • Arzuros Coil
  • Bishaten Vambraces
  • Bnahabra Hat
  • Bnahabra Boots
  • Death Stench Grip
  • Lagombi Greaves
  • Melahoa Jacket
  • Melahoa Roots
  • Rhopessa Elytra



  • Bone Horn II
  • Bone Kukri II
  • Bone Scythe I
  • Bone Strongarm II
  • Hard Bone Lance
  • Serrated Jaw II

Armor Sets


  • Bnahabra
  • Melahoa

These are all the Twisted Remains locations in Monster Hunter Rise. You can also learn more about Gargwa Eggs as well as Rhenoplos Egg.