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How To Quickly Get Gargwa Eggs In Monster Hunter Rise

Are you having difficulties finding Gargwa Eggs in Monster Hunter Rise? Check out the location right here

The Gargwa Egg in Monster Hunter Rise is a quest item that you will need to complete the Egg-cellent Idea quest, finding it and getting this item back to your campsite is the real challenge in the game, and if you manage to get hit you will lose them. If you wish to know how to get Garwa Eggs in Monster Hunter Rise, make sure to read the rest of this article.

How To Get Gargwa Eggs In Monster Hunter Rise


Garwa Eggs in Monster Hunter Rise can only be found in the Shrine Ruins map, make sure to head over to the area 13 South of the Waterfall and look for Garwa. This is a bird-like creature and hitting them will result in them dropping eggs. The drop rate isn’t 100% so you will require to do this until you get 2 Garwa Eggs, once you have the eggs, all you have to do is return back to your camp. Make sure that you do not get hit by any monster on the way back as this will result in you dropping the eggs and you will have to find the eggs again.

where to find gargwa egg in monster hunter rise
To get Gargwa Egg in Monster Hunter Rise check out the Shrine Ruins map

You can use these in the Expedition quests as it will remove the time limit to complete the quest, this will allow you to find a safer and longer way to get the eggs back and complete the mission. Make sure to target only the normal Garwa eggs and not the Golden Garwa eggs as them delivering them won’t result in you completing your quest objective.


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Make sure that if you do not find Garwa to go back and respawn in the area, this will help you to find them easily. This does take a lot of time and finding both the Garwa and the Garwa eggs can be frustrating but you will have to keep at it and soon enough you should be able to get your hands on the required items.

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