Where To Find Meaty Hide In Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

This guide will tell you how to farm Meaty Hide in MHR

Meaty Hide is a material that you can get in Monster Hunter Rise. You can get the meaty hide from a monster called the Zamite. This is in fact a pretty important resource as it allows you to make various armor and armor sets. Due to its importance, it makes sense if you farm large quantities of it in the game. MHR describes it as “The hide from the underbelly of a Zamite. Super elastic – just try stretching it”. In this guide, we tell you the locations where you can find Meaty Hide In MH Rise. Follow the steps mentioned below to farm Meaty Hide in MHR.

Where to get Meaty Hide in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Meaty Hide location
Find out how to make armor sets using this resource.

To get Meaty Hide in MH Rise follow these steps:

  • Go to the Frost Islands.
  • Search for either Sector 8 or Sector 10.
  • Find the Zamite monsters, which fall under the category of small monsters.
  • Slay the Zamite monsters.
  • Once the monster lies on its belly interact with its body to carve Meaty Hide from it.
  • In Low Rank, there is a 38% chance to get Meaty Hide from a Zamite.
  • Keep carving the body to get Meaty Hide from the Zamite.
  • This location has a high density of Zamites so you can farm large quantities of Meaty Hide in one go.

Zamites will also drop Sharqskin Scales, Sharp Fangs, and Monster Guts. There are 2 versions of the Zamite. One is the small zamite and the other is the larger one. The larger one allows for multiple carvings.

Items made using Meaty Hide

Armor Items:

  • Barioth Vambraces
  • Goss Harag Mail
  • Lagombi Mail
  • Makluva Hood
  • Makluva Pants

Armor Sets:

  • Barioth Set
  • Goss Harag Set
  • Lagombi Set
  • Makluva Set

This is everything you need to know about where to get Meaty Hide in Monster Hunter Rise. While you are here find out the location of Rembora or find out how to unlock Weapon Trees.