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How To Use Melee Attack In Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

Learn to use the Melee attack trait in Monster Hunter Rise.

The Melee attack in Monster Hunter Rise is one of the most used attack combinations in the game. As attacking the monsters requires you to be at a relatively close range, the melee attack is important. It is also necessary to capture a monster if you wish to do that. Close range damage to the head of a monster deals massive damage and also keeps you away from a monster’s ramming attack. Melee attacking the limbs of a monster at short range is another way to safeguard yourself from the monster’s attacks. Follow the steps in this guide to find out how to carry out the Melee attack in MHR.

How To Melee Attack In Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

Monster Hunter Rise Melee attack tutorial
Deal massive amounts of damage with this short-range attack.

To perform a melee attack in MH Rise select a melee weapon from your inventory.

  • Open the Menu by clicking the ‘+’ button.
  • Access your in-game inventory.
  • Choose a melee weapon such as an Axe, Charge Blade, or Long Sword.
  • Exit the menu and enter a fight.
  • Use the ‘A’ button for a light attack and the ‘X’ button for a heavy attack.

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To defeat any monster it is beneficial to be close to them. Doing so makes sure that you are not in range of their special attacks. Each monster has special attacks which are usually ranged attacks. Thus it makes sense to fight from close range where you can deal much more damage. In fact, you can even find yourself a nice cubbyhole within a monster’s radius where it can’t touch you and you can melee attack freely. This is a beneficial trick to learn that will make you more comfortable in the game.

This is everything you need to know about how to perform a melee attack in Monster Hunter Rise. Use these melee attack skills in boss fights against Ibushi and Great Baggi.