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Monster Hunter Rise Bludgeoner Skill Explained

Here’s everything you need to know about the Bludgeoner skill in MH Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise is an action adventure with a wide variety of weapons. The strong point of the game is the combat and the various resources which elevates the whole fighting experience. With numerous armors, weapons, and skills, there is a lot for players to explore. Bludgeoner skill is one such skill that you might have heard about, it is unlocked by certain weapons. Let’s dig deeper and know all about the Bludgeoner skill in Monster Hunter Rise.

What is the Bludgeoner Skill in MHR?


MH Rise Bludgeoner Skill
The Bludgeoner skill increases the attack of the weapon when its sharpness is low, so yes, you want to have low sharpness in this case. Players can unlock the Bludgeoner skill by obtaining the Bullfango mask, the Tigrex mail armor, and some other armors as well in Monster hunter rise. The Bludgeoner skill works on 3 levels as per the level of the weapon, but it also depends on the sharpness of the weapon.

Weapons apart from guns have a sharpness level in MHR, they lose sharpness with usage and you can gauge the sharpness level through the meter at the screen. Sharpness is represented using different colors like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and white with Red being the dullest and Blue being the sharpest. Below is the impact of sharpness on the damage of the weapons.

Raw damage of the weapon as per the sharpness level:


  • Red: 0.50
  • Orange: 0.75
  • Yellow: 1.00
  • Green: 1.05
  • Blue: 1.20
  • White: 1.32

Elemental damage of the weapon as per the sharpness level:

  • Red: 0.25
  • Orange: 0.50
  • Yellow: 0.75
  • Green: 1.00
  • Blue: 1.0625
  • White: 1.15


Sharpness level plays an important role as it can decrease the damage of the weapon. Decreased damage can also lead to the weapon bouncing off which can reduce the sharpness level further so keep the sharpness level up.

How the Skill works at Different Levels

Bludgeoner skill’s impact is dependent on the sharpness level of the weapon, this is how the Bludgeoner skill works at different levels:


  • Level 1: +5% attack power -> sharpness gauge is yellow or lower.
  • Level 2: +10% attack power -> sharpness gauge is yellow or lower.
  • Level 3: +10% attack power -> sharpness gauge is green or lower.

The Bludgeoner skill might seem like a great skill to have but all that glitters is not gold and there are some downsides to this as well. When you combine both the stats mentioned above you realize how important the sharpness level is as it also impacts the power of the skill. Weapons at a sharpness level of Yellow or below it are supposed to dish out base damage, but as per many players they only dish out 60%-70% of the damage depending upon the timing.

These weapons will dish out 100% of the damage only at an exact moment so it is better for players to focus on increase the sharpness level first. Once your weapon is at Green sharpness level the Bludgeoner skill will work wonders and is highly recommended, but at yellow or below its sharpness you should be focusing on.

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