Monster Hunter Rise: How To Get Bloodrun Jewel

A guide on how to get Bloodrun Jewel and its uses in MH Rise.

All Monster Hunter Rise players know that crafting is the crux of the game. The more you craft the better are your chances of leveling up in the game. While some materials required to upgrade are easy coming, some are a pain to find. One such material is Bloodrun Jewel which we farm for crafting decorations and equipment. But don’t worry, we got you! Below we mention ways to find it and how to use Bloodrun Jewel in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to get Bloodrun Jewel in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

These are the ways to farm this material in MH Rise:

1. Join a Low-Rank Quest

You will get to farm Bloodrun Jewels as Help Rewards by helping other players, preferably low-rank players to complete their Low-Rank Quests. This will work when you yourself are on a rank 4 or above and help the low-rank players.

  • Go to the Quest Board
  • Select any Low-Rank Quest in the Join Request section of the Quest Board
  • Accept request

Your best shot is at helping a low-rank player defeat Narwa, the final boss to receive the highest amount of Bloodrun Jewels. This is because it is a lengthy fight and a tough one too.

2. Completing High-Rank Quests

Another Way to find Bloodrun Jewel is for the players to complete their own 6 star and 7-star quests to get Bloodrun Jewels as quest rewards. Remember, the chances are low with this method but not zero.

How to Use Bloodrun Jewels in Monster Hunter Rise


  • Bloodrun Jewel in MH Rise can be used to craft Talismans with a rarity higher than 5. Talismans are types of equipment that your character can wear.
  • Decorations such as Attack Jewel, Charger Jewel, Quickswitch Jewel, etc can be crafted through the Bloodrun Jewels.

So that is all for our guide on how to farm Bloodrun Jewel in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). If you do not know where to find Icium Material in MHR, check out the linked article.