All Monopoly GO Monopoly Origins Rewards

Collect the milestone rewards of the Monopoly GO Monopoly Origins event and complete albums faster.

Monopoly GO Monopoly Origins is the first event of the Monopoly Origins album season. Like the previous Heartfelt Holidays, this too will repeat a few times before the album ends. Unlike the tournaments, this doesn’t require you to compete for the prizes; you just have to collect points to unlock milestone rewards. By completing even half of the event, you will be getting Sticker Packs for the four to five albums of the season.

Fortunately, this time it will last for four days, expiring on January 08, 2024, at 7 AM PT. Currently, the Race to the Top tournament is active simultaneously with this, and both give points by landing on the Railroads. The opportunity isn’t rare, but it is still worth spending the Dice Rolls and time on.

Monopoly Origins Event Milestones and Rewards in Monopoly GO

Monopoly Origins Event Milestones and Rewards in Monopoly GO
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MilestonesEvent Points RequiredRewards
1251-Star Green Sticker Pack
24020 Free Dice Rolls
412575 Free Dice Rolls
6501-Star Green Sticker Pack
76010-Minute Rent Frenzy Boost
8350200 Free Dice Rolls
10901-Star Green Sticker Pack
12800400 Free Dice Rolls
131252-Star Yellow Sticker Pack
1417510-Minute Cash Grab Boost
161300600 Free Dice Rolls
182003-Star Pink Sticker Pack
202000800 Free Dice Rolls
2135010-Minute High Roller Boost
23400130 Free Dice Rolls
25500150 Free Dice Rolls
266004-Star Blue Sticker Pack
2840001400 Free Dice Rolls
299005-Minute Cash Boost
3115004-Star Blue Sticker Pack
3380002800 Free Dice Rolls
3530005-Star Purple Sticker Pack
3635001000 Free Dice Rolls
38400030-Minute Rent Frenzy Boost
3945005-Star Purple Sticker Pack
4116,0006,500 Free Dice Rolls

How Monopoly GO Monopoly Origins Event Works

You have to land on these tiles to collect Top Hats:

  • Chance: +2 Points
  • Community Chest: +3 Points
  • Railroad: +5 Points

How to Score More Points in Event

Using Multiplier is the best way to score points faster. The method might be risky; if you don’t land on the required tiles, you will lose rolls, but if you do, you will get multiplied points. For example, if you use the x20 Multiplier and land on a Railroad, you will get 100 Points at once. Though you can replenish some rolls with our free Dice Rolls guide, they are not unlimited, so use them accordingly.

Get the Monopoly GO Monopoly Origins milestone rewards of Sticker Packs and complete the new album set faster. For more such topics, check out our Monopoly GO section.