Monopoly GO Roll Multipliers Explained

Here is how roll multipliers work in Monopoly GO.

If you are looking to maximize the money you get in Monopoly GO you should use Roll Multipliers. Some players are confused about how it works and may assume that it multiplies the outcome of your die. But that isn’t the case. This feature is favorable to the players as it lets you increase the rewards you get. So here is everything on how it works, how to unlock it, when to use it, and more.

What are Roll Multipliers in Monopoly GO?

What Are Roll Multipliers In Monopoly GO
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Roll Multipliers is a feature that you should use to get more rewards. Basically, when you land on a spot when you have increased the multipler it increases your reward by that number. So for example if you have set your multipler to x3 and land on a spot which gives you 800 money. It gets multiplied by 3 and you get 2400 money instead.

How to Unlock Roll Multipliers

You can unlock roll multipliers after unlocking the London board. It isn’t available from the start. To get it you have to upgrade all your buildings in the New York board.

How to Use Roll Multipliers

You can find the Roll Multipliers option on the top right side of the GO button. Tap on the multiplier to change it. Once set tap on the GO button to roll the dice. Now wherever your Token lands, the reward you get is multiplied by the number you set.

When to Use Roll Multipliers?

The best time to use Roll Multipliers is when you are about to land on the Railroads tile. To be specific, you should set the Multiplier to the highest number when you are either 6, 7, or 8 spaces away from landing on Railroads. There is no guarantee that you will land on it. But if you do both during Shutdown or Bank Heist you have the highest chance of tripling or even multiplying your rewards by as max as 5 times.

That’s all for the roll multipliers work in Monopoly GO and when you should use them. If you need more help on this game then check out our guides on what capped means, how to fix friends not showing up, and the fix for stuck on bank heist.