When Is The Next Monopoly GO Builder’s Bash In April 2024?

These are the Monopoly GO Builder’s Bash discount rates and the schedule.

Monopoly GO Builder’s Bash is a new flash event like the Wheel Boost and High Roller. These boost events have always made it easier to progress even outside the main events and tournaments, so this will help you finish the landmarks faster too. It will give you a discount on the building and upgrading costs, saving you cash and allowing you to jump boards more quickly than before.

At the time of writing it hasn’t been long since it was introduced, which makes players curious about its schedule and the discount rate. If you are also looking for those, scroll down and find out.

What is Monopoly GO Builder’s Bash Schedule?

Monopoly GO Builder's Bash Schedule
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As Scopely doesn’t provide a flash event chart, the speculated dates and timing are always subject to change. However, the ones we have provided below have the highest probability of occurring at the given time:

  • 6:00 AM PT April 1, 2024 to 6:00 AM PT April 2, 2024

The event will get triggered as soon as you log in within the given time. Once it is active, you have about an hour to use the discounts and finish your landmarks. It is best to make use of other active events and tournaments to make the cash. You can collect some from the Wins and Free Gift.

Builder’s Bash Landmark Discount Explained

Monopoly GO Builder's Bash Discount Rates
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The maximum discount you get on landmark buildings is 50%. For now, the discount rate decreases with the number of landmarks. If the first one gets 50%, the second will be 40%, the third will be 30%, the fourth will be 20%, and the fifth will be 10%. As you can see in the picture, the rate will remain the same throughout the event, no matter how many times you upgrade it.

This is all about the Monopoly GO Builder’s Bash flash event schedule and discount rate. For more topics like this, be sure to skim through our dedicated section right here at the Gamer Tweak.