Monopoly GO High Roller Schedule For April 2024

Use this Monopoly GO High Roller schedule and log in when it is active to complete events and tournaments faster.

Monopoly GO High Roller is one of the most frequent flash events. While there are quite a few ways to trigger it almost every day, the flash ones require no effort. The duration of it wouldn’t be as large as activating through other methods, however, it is enough to utilize the thousands of Dice Rolls within just a few minutes. It can be difficult to keep track of all the upcoming flash events, so this schedule for the High Roller boost will make it easier for you.

What is the Monopoly GO High Roller Schedule? (April 2024)

What is the Monopoly GO High Roller Schedule
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This flash event occurs almost every day, with no fixed timing. Sometimes the 10-minute High Roller will take place at midnight PT, at other times it will start at 3:00 AM PT, and so on. Thus, this list of the boost schedule might change sometimes, but we have given the ones with the highest possibility:

  • 10-Minute High Roller: 6:00 PM PT to 9:00 AM PT (April 2, 2024)
  • 10-Minute High Roller: 12:00 AM PT to 3:00 AM PT (April 1, 2024)

The first time is when it is supposed to start, and the second one is when it will conclude. You must log in at least 10 minutes before it finishes to start and make use of it. While it is active, you will see the dice icon on the right corner where events and tournaments are found. Go in it and press Let’s Roll to increase roll multiplier capacity.

How to Get High Rollers in Monopoly GO

Apart from using it from the flash events, you can win and activate it through main events and tournaments. It is a milestone reward in almost all 2 or more-day events. Not frequently, but it is sometimes a milestone for the tournament.

How to Use Monopoly GO High Roller

How to Use Monopoly GO High Roller
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It increases the max capacity of the roll multiplier to up to x1000. Depending on the amount of dice you currently own, you can go to a hundred, two hundred, and beyond. Once you have activated it through the Let’s Roll button of the event window, you simply have to tap on the dice multiplier until it becomes purple. Purple is the maximum you can use at that time.

This concludes our Monopoly GO High Roller schedule. For topics like this, be sure to check out our dedicated section right here at the Gamer Tweak.