What Does MonkaS Mean In Twitch Chat?

Find out the MonkaS meaning on Twitch Chat and the definition, origin and use of this BTTV emote. Also know the difference between MonkaS vs MonkaW in gaming.

MonkaS is a term that’s used in Twitch Chat and if you’ve seen it during streams, you may be wondering what does the MonkaS meme or emote mean? How to use it and what is the difference between this word and MonkaW? Know all about it here.

What is MonkaS and what’s the Origin of the Meme/Emote?

MonkaS is an image of Pepe the Frog sweating and looking pretty terrified. It’s part of FrankerFaceZ Twitch emotes that you can use in Twitch Chat whenever there is something happening that makes you nervous or anxious. It was uploaded in 2016 by Twitch user Monkasen/MonkaSenpai to the Better Twitch TV extension which explains the term’s origin. It’s said to be based on “monkaScared” which became “MonkaS”. But the expression of the frog was first seen on 4chan back in 2011.

MonkaS meaning on Twitch emote meme origin and definition

What Does MonkaS Mean On Twitch?

Twitch users can use MonkaS during a stream whenever there’s something scary, confusing or nerve wracking happening like if a Streamer is playing a horror game. So, if you see the MonkaS emote being spammed, this is the reason why. It’s the same meaning if you see the word MonkaS being typed in the chat window because the senders are using the BetterTwitchTV (BTTV) or FrankerFaceZ browser extension.

There are more variations of MonkaS like MonkaW, MonkaMega, MonkaThink and MonkaGIGA.

MonkaS vs MonkaW in Gaming

MonkaS vs MonkaW

MonkaW is an emote has the Pepe the Frog meme illustration. The only difference is that MonkaW has a more zoomed in image of the frog’s eyes where he looks even more fearful. You can use this version to depict a higher level of tension compared to MonkaS. When something super spooky happens or is about to happen, this emote will come in handy.

So, that’s all there is to know about the meaning of MonkaS, its definition, origin and how and when to use it. There are more such words that could could possibly confuse you or you may want to know their meaning. Check out our articles on What does KEKW, Malding and Copium mean and what are the origins?