What Does Malding Mean In Twitch Chat? Meaning Explained

Know the meaning, origin and definition of Malding that's used in Twitch Chats.

Online gaming will introduce you to a lot of terms/slang words which can be confusing to non-gamers or even gamers for that matter. One such word is Malding that you may have seen a lot on Twitch chat or other platforms. If you want to know where did it originate, what’s the meaning or definition of it, and the context, here’s a quick guide on what does Malding mean in Twitch Chat.

What is the Meaning of Malding in Twitch Chat?

Malding means Mad + Balding = Malding. Yup, it’s about a person who is mad and balding. In fact, they (in most cases, streamers and gamers) get so mad that they start balding. The rage is super intense, especially over something small, that their hair falls out.

This term is being used on Twitch but it has been around for quite a while as per Urban Dictionary.

You can use it in a sentence like (Person’s name) is Malding. You could also use it like, (Person 1) demolished (Person 2) so much that they started Malding during the Twitch stream.

twitch malding meme origin and meaning

Malding Meme Origin and Popularity

The reason why Malding is back into the picture in Twitch is due to Forsen who is a famous Streamer. He is well known for competition in games like Starcraft II and Hearthstone.

As it is with many Streamers, Forsen has a fancase called “Forsenboys” or “Forsen Bajs” who play a role in popularizing many internet memes or words. So, when he became very angry during a stream, viewers started spamming Malding which originally started as so bad/bald, so mad. Eventually, it became Mald. Now, this word is being used in the chats of many Twitch Streamers and not just Forsen.

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