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What Does KEKW Mean In Twitch Chat? KEKW Meaning & Origin

Know the KEKW meaning in Twitch Chat and the origin of the meme and emote.

We’re back with yet another quick guide that explains the meaning of gaming terms or slangs that people use on Twitch. This time, we help you understand what does KEKW mean in Twitch chat and what are the origins of the meme or emote in gaming. Moreover, how is KEKW pronounced? Keep reading to know all about it.

What does KEKW Emote & Meme Mean in Twitch Chat?

what does kekw mean in twitch chat gaming

The meaning of the KEKW meme is laughter and you can use it when something hilarious happens during the Twitch stream. It’s a FrankerFaceZ emote that signifies laughter.

Where did the Meme & Emote Originate?

KEKW is based on the famous meme of Juan Joya Borja’s (El Risitas) infectious laughter during a TV interview. The clip of him laughing about a joke became viral on Youtube mainly due to how his laughter sounded. If you have seen the Spanish laughing guy or Laughing Man memes, yup, KEKW is based on that one.

The word KEKW, though, comes from World of Warcraft. When a Horde player types LOL then an Alliance player can see it as KEK. Then, it evolved into KEKW because on Twitch, you add W at the end of words like LULW.

How to Use and Pronounce KEKW?

If a Streamer ends up failing a mission terribly in a game, you can respond with KEKW. Or you can also spam it in the chat if they crack a joke that was funny.

Since the word originates from KEKEKE (Korean) which was shortened to KEK and W was just added to it, the pronunciation you can use is simply KEK. But many viewers also use KIKU or KEKYou.

KEKW Popularity on Twitch Explained

The reason why KEKW is popular on Twitch and other Streaming platforms now is because of Streamers such as xQc and AdmiralBulldog. It became super famous online because they started using it and now it’s widely being used since 2019.

So, if you want to express your reaction about something that is extremely funny, the KEKW meme or emote will come in handy.

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