Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 5 Trials List

You can unlock 8 Trail Missions in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, other than competing with the world sharp your skills and earn bonus XP.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare demands many hours of gameplay to unlock new achievements. A lot relies on the way you earn XP’s game. If you are too overwhelmed by challenges then there is a section where you can focus on single-player matches. And this is not just for practice, you can earn some free XP for sharping the skills. I am going to share vital details on how to play Trials in Call of Duty Modern Warfare or what is the list of all Call of Duty Modern Warfare Trails Missions. What you can do in those missions?

Modern Warfare Season 5 Trials List

You can play eight new Trails in Modern Warfare Season 5. You will need Trail Tickets to unlock these missions. Trial Tickets are rewarded while playing different missions of Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Keep an eye on the rewards section of the mission, if there is a Trial Ticket avoid leaving the chance of earning one. Trials Missions are the best way to learn about various game mechanisms like shooting, weapon course, parkour, race, etc. So here are all the Modern Warfare Trails you can try out in Season 5.

1. Gun Course – Trail Mission focused on speed and accuracy. Kill the enemies in the best possible time and save the civilians. Use explosives to kill multiple enemies at once, this will save a few seconds.

  • 1 Star – 5000XP
  • 2 Stars – 7500XP
  • 3 Stars – 10000XP

2. Marksman Challenge – Fan of Sniping, then this challenge is for you. Take down enemies from distance. Survive different waves of enemies, the missing target will increase the total time required to complete the challenge.

  • 1 Star – 2500XP
  • 2 Stars – 2750P
  • 3 Stars – 3000XP

3. Risky Parkour  – Challenge to run through obstacles within the best possible time. There can be toxic gas and a lot of debris around the area. But there won’t be enemies to stop you, so best keep running utilize the best possible things to climb up and collect all the tags. There is one more similar challenge that also falls int his category but with some twist.

4. Quad Race – Ride the ATV as fast as possible to break your own records. You have three stars to unlock.

5. Price’s Alley – Challenge similar to Marksman Challenge, use your sniper to kill only the enemies in the area. Beware not to shoot the civilians.

6. Shooting Range – Another challenge similar to Marksman Challenge, but with limited ammo and hidden enemies. Run, find enemies, and shoot them down.

7. Behind Enemy Lines – Grab your best gun and take down all the active enemies in their headquarters. You have to be fast in killing up and sweeping the area clear.

Modern Warfare Trail Rules:

Each Trail will have a requirement like Gun Course requires you to use certain weapons to eliminate the enemies without killing the civilians. There are three attempts to win this Trail. Depending on the amount of time you need to complete the trail you will unlock stars. The lowest one unlocks 3 Stars with high XP.

  • 1 Star – 5000XP
  • 2 Stars – 7500XP
  • 3 Stars – 10000XP

Some of the trials are easy to complete, you just have to break your best possible records to unlock three stars. This is a faster way to level up by earning bonus XP when you are not really in serious missions. Do not forget to test out all the Trails.

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