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How To Level Up Fast In MLB The Show 21

Find out how to Level Up fast in MLB The Show 21.

You will want to Level Up Fast in MLB The Show 21. The most effective way to do this is the old method of Farming for XP. Now, you can perform certain tips and tricks to farm XP easily and conveniently in the game. These will help you earn XP consistently in the game and get you more Rewards that you can Redeem. Scroll down and read more about how to Level Up fast in MLB The Show 21.

How to increase Level quickly in MLB The Show 21


How To Level Up Fast In MLB The Show 21
Level up fast by earning XP.

The best way to Level Up fast is to earn a massive amount of Experience Points (XP). This is always the case with games like MLB The Show 21. Gaining XP points also allows you to earn rewards and items as you go along. We have outlined a few methods that you can use to farm XP in MLB.

How to farm XP using Diamond Pack Collections


Completing packs in the game is a really good and reliable way to level up fast. As you progress through the game you will see that more and more packs get unlocked. You can use these packs to farm XP easily in the game. Doing so will net you rewards and XP that help you level up. You have to exchange the in-game currency, Stubs, to complete these collections.

How to Level up using 1st Innings tasks in MLB The Show 21

Completing the 1st innings tasks is another good way by which you can earn XP quickly. To see all the First Innings tasks follow these steps:


  • Go to the Programs section in the Main Menu of the game.
  • Here you will see a First Innings tab once you open the Programs Section.
  • Now, scroll and you will see a title saying ‘1st innings tasks’.
  • View all the tasks and keep completing them quickly.

How to Level Up fast by farming XP using Gameplay

  • Go to the ‘Create’ option.
  • Create a new Roster of your own.
  • Now head over to ‘Vaults’.
  • After this open the Roster option.
  • Go over to File Management in the game.
  • Click on the Load Roster option.
  • After this go to the in-game settings.
  • Head over to the Presentation tab.
  • Make sure you enable the fast-play option.
  • Now go over to the Exhibition match option.
  • Select Tampa Bay Rays as the home team against the Los Angeles Dodgers away.
  • Keep the quick-carry option switched on.
  • Once the game loads go to gameplay settings.
  • Change over the pitching difficulty to beginner.
  • Keep fielding decision over on auto and make sure you keep the throwing decision option switched on.


Playing this match, again and again, makes it easy to farm XP easily. The players’ stats will be maxed out and with auto fielding, you won’t have to worry about errors.

MLB The Show 21 XP farming Glitch to Level Up

  • This trick requires you to have two controllers.
  • In the Main Menu of the game click on the top left of the screen to access ‘My Profile.
  • Access your ‘My Profile’ page by scrolling over by using R1 on PlayStation or RT on XBOX.
  • Click on your profile and you will see an option to link your account.
  • Now go to the Exhibition mode in MLB The Show 21.
  • Set your team as the Away team by swiping left.
  • Set your secondary controller or the CPU as the Home team.
  • When the game starts keep walking your hitters by clicking L1 + Circle on PlayStation and LT + B on XBOX.
  • Do this for every hitter.
  • This causes a glitch and gets you a ton of runs.
  • Now repeat the same procedure if you do have another controller.
  • Sometimes the game might take longer to register your progress but you can counter that easily with this Missions Not Working Fix.
  • Try completing this on a Double XP weekend to get even more XP.

Youtuber DOMG has a good visual guide about the same so be sure to check that out.

This is everything you need to know about how to Level Up fast in MLB The Show 21. While you are here do not miss out on how to use the Equipment in MLB or have a look at our Beginner’s Guide for MLB.