Where To Find Mjolnir In Dave The Diver (Weapon Location)

Wield the God of Lightning weapon Mjolnir in Dave the Diver and unlock the hidden achievement with it.

One of the greatest and probably most powerful weapons of Norse mythology, Mjolnir, can now become yours. The Lightning Hammer of Thor is one of the hardest equipment you can acquire in Dave the Diver. But so is its glory that you need it to unlock the hidden achievement of the game. Exploring the depths of the Blue Hole is not enough to find it; here is where you need to search to find the hammer.

Dave the Diver Mjolnir Location and Hidden Achievement

Dave the Diver Mjolnir Location and Hidden Achievement
Image Credit: Randomturtle001 on YouTube

Mjolnir can be found frozen in an ice block or Aquamarine rock of the Glacier Area. The rock randomly spawns in the zone, so you have to check the area several times to find it. The Aquamarine rock sometimes blends with the surroundings, but the hammer is still visible.

Like in the picture, you can easily spot them even from a distance due to the semi-transparent nature of the rocks. Though it spawns randomly, Mjolnir has been spotted at these locations more frequently than others:

  • Above the entrance of the Third Glacial Cave
  • Inside the Third Glacial Cave

Once you have found the rock with the hammer, you now need to break it. Use any weapon, like a Pickaxe for it. After destroying half of the ice, you get to interact with a weapon and play a minigame to pull it out.

Dave the Diver Hidden Achievement God of Lightning

To unlock the God of Lightning achievement, you have to hunt one fish using the Mjolnir. For that, simply aim at the fish and throw the weapon to inflict damage. I would recommend you attack a flock of fish, as this deals 80% damage to one nearby target when using a charged attack.

With this, we wrap up our Dave the Diver Mjolnir location and God of Lightning achievement guide. For more weapons and quest topics, you should check out our Dave the Diver section. Start by learning how to catch the Cookiecutter Shark and then see the list of fish.